What’s next for me? A new running plan

At the beginning of this year I presented an ambitious running plan for 2019, keeping in mind that even though I’ve been running for years, I had never ran a race. I would run a 5K race in April, 10K in May and start my half marathon training in June to prepare for my first half marathon in October. It started out great, I ran my 5K as planned, within my time goal. The 10K in May didn’t happen and even though I did start my half marathon training in June, it didn’t exactly lead to a half marathon. So, what now? 

I’m not giving up on my half marathon. My original thought was to find a race in November/December to make use of the training I’d already done and continue straight on with training after my 10K race. There were two problems with this thought, I really felt like I needed to rest after my 10K race and I took one week completely off from running. The second problem is that I didn’t find a suitable half marathon race in this time period. I just had a few demands (minimum 3 hour time limit, medal, not too far away), but it just didn’t work. 

My second thought was awesome. I had found a really cool race in a different country, all my demands were met (except the not too far away, but for an awesome city, I could make an exception!). But, I could not work out the timing. I would need to take a few days off work and in this time period that would just not be possible. 

Groet uit Schoorl

I have now set my sights on a half marathon race that doesn’t really meet much of my criteria. It’s not really close to home. It’s a 2 hour drive, I guess it depends on your reference, but in my case it’s literally on the other side of the country (I live in the Netherlands, it’s small). There will be no medal. But, there will be a towel. I’m not really sure how that works or how I feel about that, but we’ll see. The time limit is 3 hours, so there’s that. 
Why did I pick this race? It’s in early February which means low temperatures are almost guaranteed (yeah!). It’s in a beautiful area, through a small village, woods and dunes. It felt right. Since deciding this I’ve found an elevation map for this course. It’s hilly. Very hilly if you consider I’m not used to hills. Challenge accepted. 

Groet uit Schoorl is the race. Schoorl is the small town where the start and finish of the race is located. Groet uit Schoorl means Greeting from Schoorl. 

Groet uit Schoorl, half marathon, February 9, 2020. Goal: finish!

Bruggenloop Rotterdam

So, I need to prepare for a hilly race. What better way to that than with a hilly race? This race goes over two big, iconic bridges in the city of Rotterdam which are basically just two big hills with a very steady incline. This race scares me. So, I’ve already registered. 

What have I gotten myself into?

Bruggenloop Rotterdam, 15K, December 8, 2019. Goal: finish!
race finished in 1:56:16

Depending on how it all goes, this even leaves enough time for a second half marathon at the end of April. I’ve found one I would really like to do, but I didn’t want to risk +20°C temperatures for my first half. I’m keeping this in the back of my head, just in case I don’t think “Never again!” after that first half marathon in February.

That seemed like enough, right? I was explaining my plans to one of my running friends and trying to convince her to do one of these races with me. It went a bit like this: 

“You are crazy”
“Yes, I know, so what do you say?”
“Why two half marathons??”
“Why not? There’s 2,5 months in between!”
“But, why?”
“What about Rotterdam?”
“I don’t want to go to Rotterdam!”

She did however wanted to do a race with me. So, naturally, there have been two more races added to my running calendar. 

Glow Run Eindhoven

The Glow Festival is a yearly returning light art festival in Eindhoven. It’s a walking route of 5-6 kilometers that passes several light artworks throughout the city center of Eindhoven. I’ve walked (parts of) the route for many years. This year, I’m running the route! It will be run on a Saturday evening and according to the website “the runners will be part of the art festival in a unique way”. Sounds like fun!

Glow Run Eindhoven, 6K, November 16, 2019. Goal: fun!
Update: race cancelled by organization

Genneper Parken Nieuwjaarsloop

Genneper Parken Eindhoven is the place where I fell in love with running. I lived for several years in a student apartment complex directly at the border of Genneper Parken. It’s where I looked from my balcony to the people in the park, saw those runners and thought “I could do that”. It’s where I put on my ‘sport shoes’ to go running for the very first time and where I took my first pair of real running shoes out for a run. This was 10 years ago and since I’ve moved away I have not been back for a run. 

Each year a race is organised in the beginning of the new year with several distances. Not much is known yet for next year’s run, but last year’s course went directly past my old home. I will be running the 10K, it’s time to rematch that 10K from the Marathon Eindhoven

Genneper Parken Nieuwjaarsloop, 10K, January 5, 2020. Goal: 1:15:00


In chronological order instead of the order it came to my head:

Glow Run Eindhoven, 6K, November 16, 2019 (cancelled)
Bruggenloop Rotterdam, 15K, December 8, 2019
Genneper Parken Nieuwjaarsloop, 10K, January 5, 2020
Groet uit Schoorl, half marathon, February 9, 2020

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