The people of my morning run

Half of the year it’s dark during my morning run. When running in the dark I chose to leave my music behind as I haven’t gotten a proper music player yet that keeps me fully aware of my surroundings. I’m running mostly on cycling lanes and even partly on local roads so it’s necessary to be able to hear what’s going on around me. I need a different kind of entertainment and I usually find this in the people I pass on the road. Many people I see frequently, some are more memorable then others. It’s important to note that I’m also very recognizable: I’m usually wearing a purple or bright pink T-shirt or jacket and a purple LED armband (it’s cool, check it out here). If you want to become a morning runner, read my tips and tricks here.

Below a small list of some of the people I’ve encountered during my run:

– the lovely lady who called me a hero. It’s freezing cold (-8°C) and I approach two older women with a dog who seem to belong to the home for the elderly on my route. As I run past one of the ladies shouts “You are a hero!”. Lady, you made my day.

– the not so lovely lady who keeps mumbling “sidewalk!” at me. The first time I could barely hear what she said and I assumed I misheard. But the second time there was no doubt about it. She wears a red jacket so I know it’s her from far away. She now gets the happiest “Good morning!” from me each time we pass each other. She stays silent.

– the fellow runner who shouts out encouraging words “you’re almost there!” like he knows my route (he probably does)

– the fellow runner with his dog who avoids all eye contact – Ok

– the creepy guy who just stands there in a dark corner. It’s dark, there are several lamp posts, but this guy is standing under a big tree making it that only a dark silhouette is visible. As I pass by I notice the lack of a dog, what is this guy doing here? A few days later I notice he’s holding a bag and standing there as if he’s waiting on the bus. There is no busstop there. I finally figured out he’s waiting on his carpool to work. Go creepy guy for doing the environmentally responsible thing, but please stand somewhere a bit more visible.

– the lady with the two mini dogs who don’t listen very well. Picture a very wide cycling lane (3-4 meters) with grass on each side. Lady in the middle, mini dog 1 on the left in the grass and mini dog 2 on the right side in the grass. On a leash.

– the bus drivers who are always just there in (mostly) consistent 15 minute intervals

– the grumpy dogwalkers who ignore my sometimes too enthusiastic “good morning!” – It’s okay, I understand

– the non-grumpy dogwalkers who don’t ignore my sometimes too enthusiastic “good morning!” – Yay!


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