My runner’s plan 2019

I might be a little late with planning my running year, but I needed to see how the first part was going before I was willing to put in writing what I had in mind for the rest of the year. It might be helpful to know that I have never ran a race before and my running has been a bit inconsistent in previous years. I have ran regularly and up to 12K last year, but I just couldn’t get my pace up. This year’s plan is meant to get me through the distances at a decent pace.

Garmin Coach 5K Plan – April

Currently I’m about 4 weeks away from the end of my 5K plan through Garmin Coach. This is helping me to stick to a training plan and to improve my 5K time. I really want to end this plan with a race to see what that feels like and to really test myself. I found a race nearby on April 6th, but this race will be on a Thursday evening and I’m really used to running in the morning. I’ll need to do a bit more research to see if there are any other options or just try out running in the evening to see if my body allows it! Edit 07-04-2019: due to timing issues (and me being sick for 1,5 week) I’ve decided not to do the race on April 6th, but instead run the JP Balki Event 5K on April 13th. 

Goal: 35 minutes

10K – May

What’s next after that? I have just 4 weeks (edit 07-04-2019: 3 weeks!) after the 5K race until my 3 week holiday starts. I’m planning a few (fun) runs on vacation, but I will be taking some time off from training plans. I’ll have exactly 4 weeks, until the weekend of May 4th to keep on training and I was thinking of doing a 10K race on the 5th of May, but since this is a national holiday it seems difficuly to find a road race nearby. I do have a really nice 10K route in my area that I used to run regularly. So my 4 week 10K training will not end with a race, but with a familiar route.

I’ll probably adapt a training plan so that it fits in the 4 weeks I have available. I’ve ran upto 12K before and my current training plan had me running 8K just last week, so I’m not worried about being able to run the distance. Just doing it with the right pace!

Edit 07-04-2019: I’ve created a three week training plan for right after my 5K. 

Goal: 70 minutes.

Half Marathon – October

After my holidays I should be able to return to training in the first week of June at which time I’ll start my training for my very first half marathon on October 13th! I’ll have 20 weeks to prepare and that should be more than enough. I will either find or create a training plan for 20 weeks / 4 days a week. Any tips on this are welcome!

Goal: finish!
I think it’s too early for me to set a time goal, but finishing it below 2:30 seems satisfying right now.


So there it is, a 5K in April, 10K in May and a half marathon in October. It’s written down, it’s real, it’s happening!

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