My Runner’s Life 3 week 10K plan

Currently I’m still working on the final week of my Garmin Coach 5K plan, but I’m preparing my training for right after my 5K race (April 13!). Running with Garmin Coach really gave me purpose during my trainings and helped to keep me motivated. After my race, I’ll have about 3 weeks until I’ll run my 10K. This will not be in a race as I couldn’t find one in my area on this date, it’s just to set a time for myself. I may join a virtual race though. A week later I’ll have flown to Florida and I’ll be doing my very first parkrun in Clermont Waterfront on May 11. 

I’ve created below training plan for myself based on Google, my experiences with Garmin Coach and the advice of some Facebook groups I am a part of. I would have preferred to have more time, but since I don’t have it, this is it. 

Yellow: crosstraining. Classes vary each week, but the main goal is to keep moving and gain some strength. Also, it’s fun. 
Blue: easy runs, sometimes enriched with a tempo run.
Grey: rest days
Pink/redish: speed training. 
Green: races! 

The goal for my 10K is 70 minutes, but given the limited time I have I won’t be too disappointed if that happens somewhere later this year. 

 I’ll keep you updated! (Edit: check out week 1 of my 10K training plan)


Disclaimer: I don’t recommend going from 5K to 10K in just three weeks (or one actually). I have run 10K before and my 5K training plan had me up to 8,5K just two weeks ago. 

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