Which foam roller is best for me?

Foam rolling is a great way to massage and relax your muscles, increasing flexibility and mobility. It’s highly recommended for anyone who is active and looking to improve recovery and performance. 

But, there are many different types of foam rollers available as you can see from the small selection of available options on Amazon below. How do you know which foam roller is right for you? Which one targets the specific muscles you need it for or which one is more general applicable? Keep reading and find out!

Different types of foam rollers

Foam rollers can differ in density, firmness, shape and size. Which type you’ll need will depend on how experienced you are, what muscles you are looking to massage and your pain tolerance. Softer foam rollers will be easier on your muscles as firm foam rollers.  

Soft smooth foam roller

The soft foam roller is the perfect foam roller for anyone beginning to start foam rolling. It’s easier on your muscles as it’s softer and provides less pressure. A foam roll with a soft roller is more comfortable, but provides a less deeper massage. Great for those sensitive muscles. These foam rollers are also good to use for strength exercises, the foam roller creates an instability which is for example good for core training. They can be used in pilates and yoga. 

The smooth foam rollers come in different densities, from smooth to medium and hard. 

Firm light textured foam roller

Textured firm foam rollers are meant to target specific areas. Many of these foam rollers have multiple types of texture to help you direct pressure to the areas that need it most. They will provide a deeper massage and therefore can give you a better, more specific massage. These rollers are usually harder and can be more uncomfortable to use, especially on sensitive muscles. 

Textured foam rollers come in different sizes, providing you the ability to target large areas or a handy foam roll on the go. 

Firm textured foam roller

These foam rollers are similar to the one above, but with a more pointy texture. This will provide a much deeper muscle massage, but can be much more uncomfortable or even painful to use. This is not a foam roller for beginners or people with a low pain tolerance, but it’s great to release those deeper knots in your muscles. 

Foam roller stick

Foam roller sticks are used differently from regular foam rollers as you provide pressure while holding it in your hands. As you are not using your body weight to provide pressure it gives you more flexibility in targeting specific areas that might harder to reach with a regular foam roller. 
These foam rollers also come in different shapes, sizes and densities. You can have a soft or hard foam roller stick, with or without texture, small or big. Whatever suits your needs. 

Foam roller ball

Foam rolling balls come in different sizes and shapes, they can help you target specific areas that a normal foam roller can’t properly reach such as your back of feet. Smaller spiky balls are great to target smaller muscles as those surrounding your IT band, calves and feet. But they can also be used on other areas of your body. 

A big advantages of the foam roller balls is that they are usually small in size and easy to take with you on your travels. 

Whichever foam roller you choose to get, you will benefit from using it regularly!

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