Review: Nike Miler Gloves

Recently I bought these Nike Miler Gloves as an in between glove between no gloves and warm winter running gloves, let’s call them ‘fall/spring gloves’. I’ve taken them out for two runs so far: one very rainy run at approximately 5°C and a dry, but cold run at -1°C. Disclaimer: Please forgive me for the color (they are also available in black or neon yellow!), but I’m slowly starting to love the bright pink in my running clothes. I want to be visible while running (it’s early morning, dark, there are cars, cyclists, etc.) and prefer bright colors, but neon yellow just doesn’t really bring out the best in me (does it on anyone?). In my opinion there are not many other options, if you know some, let me know!


A very important factor and something these Nike gloves do pretty well in my opinion. The gloves are a tight fit and it feels like a thin second skin, I barely notice I have the gloves on. They are stretch fit and very lightweight. Due to their thinness, I didn’t even need to take my glove off to get the housekey out of my backpocket. The only problem I have with the fit is that somehow it seems my thumb has way more room than it needs, while my other fingers have just enough room. While running I’ll have a small flap of 0,5-1cm hanging loose on the end of my thumb. I think the issue could be exaggerated by my running watch as it only happens on the arm I’m wearing the watch.


The gloves are made with Nike’s wellknown Dri-FIT technology ensuring any moist is kept away from your skin. During the heavy rain I endured during one of my test runs, the gloves were getting pretty wet and this made my hands feel slightly colder. As I get overheated easily, this was not an issue for me.


As these are very thin and lightweight gloves they are not suitable for extreme temperatures. I would not wear these if the temperature gets much below 0°C. They could be useful though as an extra layer under a different pair of gloves for very cold days. They are perfect to keep away cold from mild rain and wind during mild to cold days.


The visibility is probably already fixed by the extreme pink color alone, but Nike also added a reflective logo for extra visibility.


The gloves are not advertised as touchscreen compatible and it was a little harder to use my watch then I’m used to with my usual gloves (or no gloves), but it was possible for some basic stuff. I don’t use my phone (or bring my phone) while running and my watch has a start/stop button, so I don’t require much. If you have higher demands concerning touchscreen compatibility during your run, these gloves might not be for you.


Overall these are very nice, well fitting gloves that work best in temperatures between 0 – 12°C. I consider these a nice addition to my running wardrobe and would recommend them. 

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