Review: Huawei Mirror Smart Scale

The Huawei Mirror Smart Scale or Huawei Body Fat Scale is a smart scale that provides up to 9 types of body data and sends the data via Bluetooth to the accompanying app on your phone. Let’s see if it’s any good!


The scale is 30 x 30 x 2,37 cm and weighs 1,85 kg making it subtle, thin and lightweight. The rounded corners help avoid unwanted foot injuries. There is no screen visible, but when you step on it an LED light shines through the glass top of the scale providing you with feedback. 


The following body data is calculated by the scale:

    • weight
    • body fat percentage
    • body mass index (BMI)
    • protein
    • visceral fat
    • muscle mass
    • body water percentage
    • bone mass
    • basal metabolic rate (BMR)
In order for the advanced date to be measured, you’ll need to step on your scale with bare feet. The body fat percentage is calculated only through two points of access (two feet) and therefore less accurate as a scale that uses both hand and feet would be. 
Huawei Mirror Smart Scale vs. Garmin Index Smart Scale

Setup and app

Setting up the scale is easy, start by adding 4 AAA batteries (not included!) and downloading the Huawei Body Fat Scale app from any app store. Upon first starting the app, it’ll provide you with the needed steps to pair the scale to your phone app. You’ll need to activate the scale by pressing on it lightly and afterwards the app will ask you to stand on the scale with your bare feet. And that’s it. Your data is send to the app and shown in an organized matter. When you use the scale for a longer period of time, you’ll also be able to see graphs of your progress over the weeks, months or years. 

The scale uses Bluetooth to send the data to your phone so it needs to be close by for the data to show up in the app. Some other scales use WiFi in which case your phone does not need to be involved. 

The app looks nice and clean and is easy to use, but as far as I could tell it doesn’t synchronize to any other health apps like MyFitnessPal or Google Fit. 

Overall the Huawei Body Fat Scale is a nice looking, decent smart scale for a friendly price. Be aware that some of the measurements can be a bit off and that the app doesn’t seem to synchronize with other health apps. 


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