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Review: Garmin Vivoactive 3

I’ve been using the Garmin Vivoactive 3 for over a year now. When people ask me about it I usually describe it as a sportwatch with some smartwatch functionalities. I got it in December 2017 as an early Christmas present from my boyfriend, because he got so fed up with my complaining about my Samsung Gear Fit 2 (read more about that here). It was purchased for approximately € 300,-, but at the time of writing this review prices have gone down to less than € 200,-. Find it here on Amazon.

The things I like about the VA3

  1. It’s Garmin
    That means GPS, tracking sports activities and especially running are of high quality. GPS is usually connected within seconds and I’ve never had any notable issues with it. It provides high quality details on your entire workout for further analysis.
  2. Heart rate monitoring
    The build-in heart rate monitoring provides very accurate data during activities and, depending on your personal settings, can also do so during the rest of your day. The Garmin Connect app provides useful data and graphs to analyze.


    Heartrate vs. pace

    Heartrate vs. pace (don’t judge!)

  3. Smartwatch functionalities
    The smartwatch functionalities are limited and there are not a whole lot of extra apps available for download (see the list of things I didn’t like about the VA3 below). You can receive notifications from your phone and filter which apps are allowed to, answer calls, control your music app, use Garmin Pay (though this doesn’t work in my region yet unfortunately).
  4. Battery life
    I wasn’t fully aware of this when I picked it out, but the VA3 has an amazing battery life. It lasts me about a week wearing it 24/7, which includes about 3 hours of running activity tracking. When the watch is low on battery it’s fully charged for a new week in 30-45 minutes.
  5. Design
    Many, many of the smart- or sportwatches available in 2017 were not very ladylike (fortunately the market is slowly improving in this area). Most are bulky, sporty and just ugly. This watch I felt I could wear 24/7 and not look like foolish.
  6. Workouts
    You are able to setup you’re own workouts or use some standard ones from Garmin (be sure to also checkout my experience with Garmin Coach!). You can set this up on your phone and it’ll be transferred to your watch automatically when synchronizing. Your watch will then provide feedback during your activity based on the workout you setup. You can for example create trainings with 400m intervals and the watch will vibrate when you finished the 400m.
  7. Strava
    The VA3 can connect to Strava, MyFitnessPal and several other social apps to easily share your activities.
  8. Price
    It’s reasonably priced for the features it provides.

The things I didn’t like about the VA3:

  1. No Music
    It’s not possible to store music on the watch. The biggest downside and the reason I’m slowly starting to look for replacing my VA3 after +1 year of dutifull service. I don’t bring my phone on most of my runs and music is very welcome, especially on long runs.
  2. Connect IQ store
    While there are many apps available for download in the store they mostly focus on fitness. You can find specific apps for just about any activity you can think of, but outside of fitness there are only a few quality apps, watchfaces and widgets available for the VA3 and many look like they were made by someone who’s trying it out for the first time. In my opinion this even includes some of the Garmin made watchfaces. I’m using the Crystal watchface with a white background, because it’s highly customizable and easy on the eye.
  3. Stair counting
    It’s so bad it’s simply useless. I’m not sure why Garmin would add such broken technology. It managed to count me descending 2 stairs and climbing 10 stairs on one day, but at the end of the day I still found myself in the same bed I’d woken up in that morning. After my watch celebrated me reaching my 10 stairclimbs a day goal during my morning shower I decided to turn this functionality off completely.
  4. Sleep tracking
    The sleep tracking is a bit off and I’ve stopped paying attention to it. I’ve had nights where I’ve been awake for most of the night, but my Garmin recorded only 2 minutes awake. It even recorded me fast asleep while using the watch.


The Garmin Vivoactive 3 is not the best running watch or smartwatch out there, but it’s a very good combination of both worlds with a reasonable price tag. It looks good and I’ve been very happy with it for the past year. I’m currently researching to see about upgrading to a new Garmin watch this year, mainly due to the lack of music storage. When I heard the Vivoactive 3 Music was being released, I got super excited and had almost put my VA3 up for sale. Then I saw pictures and I couldn’t believe they changed the design I loved so much and replaced it with this cheap looking thing. My search for an upgrade continues, tips are welcome!

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