Coach Greg, half marathon – Strides, progression and easy runs Coach Greg, half marathon – Strides, progression and easy runs
Coach Greg, half marathon – Strides, progression and easy runs
Coach Greg, half marathon – Strides, progression and easy runs
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Coach Greg, half marathon – The first two weeks
Coach Greg, half marathon – The first two weeks
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Coach Greg, half marathon - A new adventure
Coach Greg, half marathon – A new adventure
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Running in the snow
Running in the snow
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A faster half marathon – Update
A faster half marathon – Update
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A faster half marathon – First virtual attempt
A faster half marathon – First virtual attempt
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A faster half marathon – Final weeks of preparation
A faster half marathon – Final weeks of preparation
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A faster half marathon – Last long run and more speed work
A faster half marathon – Last long run and more speed work
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A faster half marathon – Speed repeats and sunrise runs
A faster half marathon – Speed repeats and sunrise runs
A faster half marathon – Back to training, resuming the Garmin Coach plan A faster half marathon – Back to training, resuming the Garmin Coach plan
A faster half marathon – Back to training, resuming the Garmin Coach plan
A faster half marathon – Back to training, resuming the Garmin Coach plan
Best Garmin watches for running Best Garmin watches for running
Best Garmin watches for running
Best Garmin watches for running

Garmin Coach Tips

Everything you need to know about the Garmin Coach 5K, 10K and half marathon training plan for running. How it works, how to set it up and what to expect when you’re starting out. Keep reading to find out! 

The adaptive training plans from Garmin Coach are based on your personal input and preferences it creates an adaptive training plan with workouts that can be synched to your Garmin watch. It will provide you with feedback along the way to see how you’re doing. This article will guide you through the setup and will tell you everything you need to know about starting your Garmin Coach plan. 

Be sure to check out the Garmin Coach Community on Facebook. It’s a growing community filled with other runners around the world working through their training plan. Here you can ask and share everything Garmin Coach, setup or coaches, specific workouts, brag about results or confidence levels or simply to connect with other Garmin Coachers!


Tips for setting up Garmin Coach

  1. Setting up the Garmin Coach plan is done through several steps. You start in the Garmin Connect app on your phone or webbrowser, go to Menu > Training > Training Plans and the above screen will be shown. Next, Garmin Coach will need some information on your running history, goals and preferences.
  2. Choose your distance: 5K, 10K or half marathon.
  3. Your current weekly distance:
    • I don’t run
    • 1 – 8 kilometers
    • 9 – 16 kilometers
    • 17 – 24 kilometers
    • 25 – 32 kilometers
    • 33 – 40 kilometers
    • 40 kilometers or more
If you choose “I don’t run” you will not be able to set a time goal for your plan and you also can’t change this later on.

4. Your current average running pace, options are between 3:45 min/km and 9:30 min/km. Unlike most other settings, this can’t be changed later during the program. It’s used to determine the likelihood you’ll be able to reach your goal by the end of the training plan. You’ll get a pop-up asking you if you’re sure you want to proceed if your current pace isn’t near enough to your goal pace.

5. Your goal: completion or run with a time goal. There are limits set by Garmin for each distance regardless of your current average running pace.

    • 5K limit: 22:00 – 37:50
    • 10K limit: 44:00 – 1:15:00
    • Half marathon limit: 1:32:00 – 2:40:00
Your time goal will determine the paces you run during your training. Pick a realistic, but challenging goal to ensure you’re training within your limits.

6. Choose your coach. Garmin has lined up three different coaches that can be chosen to virtually guide you towards your goal. These coaches all have their own plan to help you reach your goal. Based on your earlier input each coach will provide a training plan with a different number of workouts per week and a different total weeks. You can watch an introductory video in Garmin Connect for each coach in which they’ll explain their approach. Still not sure? I’ve written an extensive overview on each to help you choose:

Which Garmin Coach do you choose?

The range of the length of your training plan will differ based on the input you did previously, but this will give you an impression. The number of workouts are set. 

    • Greg McMillan: 12 – 16 weeks, 4-5 workouts per week » you’ll need to choose in the next option if you want to run 4 or 5 times a week. Training based on time.
    • Amy Parkerson-Mitchel: 16 – 21 weeks, 4-5 workouts per week. Training based on distance.
    • Jeff Galloway, 12 – 14 weeks, 3 workouts per week. Run/walk method. Just keep in mind that given the many different run/walk intervals you can use, the plan doesn’t setup the run/walk intervals during the planned long runs. You’ll need to keep track of when to run and when to walk yourself.
For shorter distances the length of your training plan can be shorter as well, based on your running experience before you start the plan. 

7. Select available days for running

8. Long run day. This option is a very welcome new addition to Garmin Coach and lets you decide on which day you’d prefer to do your long runs.

That’s it, you’re done. Garmin Coach will now setup your training plan, but you’ll still need to do a benchmark run to complete the whole process. The benchmark run is a 2 minute warm-up, 5 minute run and a 2 minute cooling down, regardless of the chosen distance. After the benchmark your virtual coach will determine the workouts for the coming week based on the 5 minute run. Your upcoming workouts will be visible only one week in advance.

Starting your training plan

Each training plan will start with a benchmark run to determine your capabilities. You can select the benchmark run either from the run app or via the Garmin Coach widget. If you start the run app on a day where you have a workout scheduled it will automatically ask you if you want to do this workout now.

The benchmark run is set up as a 2 minute warm-up, 5 minute run and a 2 minute cooling down. After the benchmark your virtual coach will determine the workouts for the coming week based on the 5 minute run, so run your best! Depending on your fitness level, you may want to consider bringing your phone on your benchmark run so Garmin Connect can determine your next workout and you can continue running. Be aware that you’ll need to sync your watch with your phone twice in this case. Once to upload the benchmark run from your watch to your phone and once to download the new workouts to your watch.

After this is done your next workouts will depend on which settings and which coach you’ve selected.

Type of workouts

Each workout in your training plan will have it’s own purpose and each coach has a different view on what’s most important for your progress. Each plan has one or more easy run per week plus one long easy run. The other runs are speed or interval workouts.

Below a few examples of the workouts you could encounter.

    • Goal pace repeats, short to long intervals at goal pace. This workout will be repeated with different intervals time
    • Steady state run, multiple longer intervals at approximately 30 seconds per kilometer slower as goal pace
    • Stride repeats, multiple short intervals at approximately 30 seconds per kilometer fast as goal pace
    • Hill repeats, multiple short intervals up a hill
    • Speed repeats, multiple short intervals focused on improving your cadence
    • Tired run, no pace or time, just run
    • Time trial
More information on the specific workouts can be found in this article on which coach to choose.

Confidence level

Throughout your training plan your virtual coach will continuously provide you with feedback on how you’re doing and if he/she thinks you’ll be able to reach your time goal. If you’ve selected “completion” as a goal and no time limit, you will not see this. The confidence level will be affected by how well you’re performing on your workouts, if you’re hitting your goal paces, any missed workouts, etc. It’s an interesting and well thought out feature as you really see it moving forwards or backwards in relation to your workouts. It becomes a goal on it’s own to get the confidence level as high as possible.

According to Garmin the confidence colors are defined as follows:

    • Purple: Extremely Confident. You’re exceeding plan expectations and may be capable of taking on a more challenging goal.
    • Green: Confident. You’re right on track for meeting your goal. Keep up the good work!
    • Orange: Somewhat Confident. You’re close to falling behind pace. Follow your plan closely to get on target.
    • Red: Not Confident. You’re struggling with your current plan and may want to consider a different goal.


There are a lot of variables within the Garmin Coach plans and this article will be updated as I learn more. If you have any insights I may have missed, be sure to let me know in the comments below. 

120 thoughts on “Garmin Coach Tips”

  1. Do you know if they are going to offer the same plans for faster paces? I am shooting for a 10k Pace around 35 min and currently cant use any of the plans for this. Thanks for the review!

    1. At this time I don’t expect this on short term, it seems the algorithms are not up for such a wide range of goal times. They could introduce a Garmin Coach Advanced in the future though, with separate plans for faster goal times, but that’s just me speculating.

      1. Is there any way I can shorten the period of training? The suggested date is too late, I started a training plan, but I’d like to change to this new one. The race is 2 months sooner than this training end. I just set up this plan, didn’t start it yet.

        1. The shortest plans are 12 weeks with Coach Jeff or Greg. Does that fall into your range? If not, I don’t think you can. Changing the original plan would probably have been the best way to go, but I’m guessing that’s too late now?

  2. I’m having trouble changing the goal from completion to time based goal, is it possible to change the goal once the training plan started?

    1. Yes, that’s possible, but only if you selected that you ran regularly before starting the plan. If the app won’t let you change it, try logging in via the webbrowser and changing it there.

  3. Doing 5k improver coaching When I have to do 8k run (for ex) the display doesn’t show me distance so don’t know when to turn around at half way ? Help please !

    1. Are you sure? I think my watch actually shows the lap distance on those workouts. Either way, you can scroll to one of your own data screens where you can setup a field for distance. I’d love to have a halfway point alert, but that’s not working at the moment.

    2. I am using garmin coach (Amy). Think this training app is just what I need, I love it. The only thing is that Amy tells me what I just did. Ex, I did a 5 minute run, then she tells that that one was run number 3. Is that any way she can tell whats next? Ex, “run for five minutes, run number 2 of 3”. I dont need to hear what I just did, I whant to hear whats next, do I dont need to look at the whatch each time.

      1. Hi! I fully agree that it would be very useful to hear what the next step of your workout is going to be, but that doesn’t seem to be an option (yet?). You can view your workouts upfront though in the Garmin Connect app so you can have an idea of the different steps ahead. What you hear are most likely the lap summaries of your last finished laps. If that bothers you, you can turn those off.

  4. Is there any way to attach a run to my training plan after the fact? I ran the right distance on the right day of the plan but the TP workout didn’t migrate to my watch to use the actual workout. So a day later it looks like I skipped a workout.
    Thanks for the help!

  5. I’m moving onto week 4 of half marathon training but so far training only consists of 3 easy runs an 1 long run per week.
    When I look at calendar though there’s other runs on it which I’ve just noticed but no propts to do them when i choose coach workout.
    Bit unsure if i should have been mixing it up, but instead I’ve just done directed workout. Is this something that in time changes or have I been doing it wrong?

    1. Hi Sandie! I’m not sure I understand what you mean. The workouts in your calendar should be the ones you’re directed to do. If you have Facebook, search for the Garmin Coach Runners community and join our group. There you can post some screenshots and see if we can figure out what’s going on.

  6. I love the Galloway method. And I love that there is a Garmin Coach plan using his plan. But why can’t we set up intervals within the coach? I ,mean, that is the whole point for Galloway. So, if I want to use the interval option using my Vivoactive 3, I can’t do it within the training plan,ugh…

    1. Hi Melissa, I am just starting Jeff’s garmin coach plan. I am just wondering if you could help me at all in uderstanding something.
      For my next drill workout it says the following…
      Warm up

      Lap Button press.

      I am unsure of what ‘other’ consists of.
      Are you able to enlighten me at all?

      Thank you

      1. Hi Rachel! The purpose of “Other” is nothing more as allowing you to get ready for the next part. The workout won’t progress to the next step until you press the lap button.

  7. How to set the alert on instinct when i need to know when to do 2min of light jog, 5min of quick run and 2 min of cool down light run?

    1. Hi Bill! It can be used on the treadmill as well, but how your runs are registered can affect the workouts planned for the future. Distance and pace can be off when you run on a treadmill, especially without a food pod. You can adapt a Coach workout after your workout, but it won’t affect how the plan has ‘judged’ your run.

      1. Thanks, it is a little cold for me running in the morning/evening in Colorado. I have a Vivoactive 3, Do you have any recommendations as to what foot pod will work best? I have tried looking but there are quite a few out there and I am kind of a newb at this.

        1. Hi Bill, I understand! There are indeed many options, with many different price tags. I don’t have one myself, but from what I’ve understood the Garmin Foot Pod does the job:
          According to the Garmin website it’s compatible with pretty much any Garmin watch, including the Vivoactive 3.

  8. Hi! I’ve seen that it’s possible to change coach during a program, but will I have to start over from the beginning if I do, or how does this work?

    Thank you for the help 🙂

  9. I am trying to set up the plan but I do not understand what “running pace” the setting is referring to. Is it asking for my lactic acid pace? Or my best 5k, 10k or HM pace? As it can’t be modified once the plan is set up, I hope to get it right.

    1. Hi Lee! I know, it’s not very clear and it’s also not fully clear to me what this information does in the plan. I always put in my easy pace for whatever distance I’m setting the plan to for. When I was doing some testing I noticed it will give a warning if the pace you put in here is too far off from your goal pace. With an 8:30 easy pace and 7:30 goal pace everything was fine. Hope this helps.

  10. Hi there, I just ran my first HM on the treadmill today in 2:30 hrs, my race will be in 2 weeks. I did 15 weeks of training all on the treadmill on .5 incline. I went for an outdoor run last week but I couldn’t do more than 3km and I left with lots of terrible pain that lasted a week. I am pissed off because I had more than enough time to adjust my running plan but I didn’t realize that the run will be that hard outside, the plan didn’t mention anything about that. I am not sure if my body will be able to run HM in the race day, the pavement is hard. What would you suggest? Many thanks for your blog.

  11. I there,

    So I’am having some problems with my benchark run. The benchmark won’t start even when I click on the training. After some time ‘live tracking’ kicks in and sees the training as a regular ‘running session’ and not the benchmark run. I just want to do the benchmark. Thanks in advance for your advice

    1. Hi Tim! That sounds strange! You are selecting the Coach workout through the running activity or Coach widget? If you are and it’s not working, I’d advise you to contact Garmin, something is not right.

  12. I’ve been using the garmin coach for the past two weeks. I really like it, but have one issue. The watch beeps at me to alert me of my pace when my pace changes. I live in a very hilly area so my pace is not consistent. Is there any way to disable this feature? I would also love to be able to see my total mileage for my run while I’m running. I can currently only see my mileage for one section of the workout I am currently in.

    1. Hi Anna! I understand your issue. For some runs I’d like to be able to mute the Coach as well, but unfortunately it’s not possible. It will buzz three times every time you go outside the zone. I think you can turn off all alerts in the settings menu, but then you also won’t be alerted when the next part of your workout starts. As for the information on the screen, you can add all kinds of data fields, but you’ll need to scroll up or down during your activity to see those screens. It’s not possible to change the standard screen. Good luck!

  13. I’ve picked Jeff Galloway 10k plan. This is my second plan, but I’m not sure I understand what some of the instruction means. For example, after the Warm Up, Lap Button Press comes up. What am I supposed to do during this time? Do I just finish the warm up and then press/swipe to move to the next instruction? Or do I run/walk/rest? Thanks for your help.

    1. Hello Susan! The only purpose of this section is to make sure you are ready for the next part. Make sure you’re not about to reach a traffic light or crossing and hit the lap button as soon as you’re ready to continue with the rest of the workout. Enjoy your training plan!

  14. Hi, I’m about 3 weeks into a 10K Plan with Coach Jeff, but would like to switch to a HM plan just to see what it’s like. Will it be possible to restart my 10k plan from my current location after quitting it?

    1. No, that won’t be possible. To start a new plan you need to quit the old one. Once you quit a plan you can’t resume it anymore. If you head over to the Garmin Coach Runners Community on Facebook, you’ll see lots of people doing that plan and posting about it. It can give you an idea what it’s like!

  15. Thanks for your articles- I have learnt so much! Have you any tips on how to use the watch to do the run/walk intervals? As I understand it, the watch will record the whole block (say 5 miles) and cannot be programmed to input specific time intervals for run/walk. Is the lap button work to time the intervals (or maybe it wouldn’t record getting to 5 miles)? I’m wondering how I will ever keep track of so many different intervals over the long run without a lot of mental maths and constantly checking my watch. I guess if the lap button could be used you won’t get an average pace for the whole run/walk block.

    1. Hi Rosie! Yes, unfortunately Garmin has not found a way to make the run/walk timer work. You should not be using the lap button to time your intervals as each lap press will have your workout proceed to the next step, for example from the 5 mile block to the cooling down. What I’ve seen in the Garmin Coach Runners Community on Facebook is that people use either their phone or a separate device to time. Definitely not ideal.

  16. Thanks so much for your reply! I used a running app on my phone, as was kindly suggested on the community group. A bit of a faff (it’d be nice to leave the phone at home!) but I suppose it did the job!

  17. Hi there,
    This is a great source in helping me use my Forerunner 245 and the Garmin Coach. Thank you.
    I have a question – the Garmin Coach Plan is supposed to be adaptive. From this answer you seem to suggest the adaption element will not take into account any extra runs I do during the week? I chose the plan that only requires three runs a week, which is what I was doing. But enthused by a target and the plan I’ve managed to fit in four and five runs in the last two weeks. I have been hoping that the plan would take these into account and not work me so hard. I guess that’s not the case?
    Keep up the good work.
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Alberto! Great that this website was helpful for you! Unfortunately, nothing you do outside the plan will be taken into account. You might want to pick Amy or Greg as a coach since they have more workouts per week or just take into account yourself what you’re doing on your “off-days”. Good luck!

  18. When one training program ends can you build onto something else. Example I am getting close to finishing my 10k training program and want to roll into a half marathon training but will I start from the beginning with very short runs?

  19. Hi,
    I’m on week 16 of 21 on Jeff Galloway’s half marathon plan with a goal of 2:10. My last two long easy runs were 17 miles each. I thought that seemed long, but did them anyway. When I looked at my next long easy run for this Saturday, it says it’s 19 miles. Can that possibly be right? It seems very long!

    1. Hello Jerry! That sounds correct. Jeff’s long runs get very long when you’ve chosen a time goal. Be aware that he assumes you’ve done the distance before and you’re doing them as run-walk-run! If it seems too much for you, don’t do it, but it is how the plan is meant. He wants you to be fully prepared.

  20. OK, I will abide… This is my third half marathon so I’ve done that (13.1 miles) distance before, and I have now run (run/walk/run) 17 miles twice during this training period. I have not done 19 miles before, but… I will on Saturday!

      1. Chris E Randolph

        If I choose the plan to just run and not run with a time goal will I eventually be given pace goals based on my current performance?

  21. Oh jeez, so when you press ‘lap’ after a warm up on stride repeats, there’s no interval timers/alerts for sprinting/running? Looking at the watch running 95% and keeping track of 10 intervals is. . .difficult :/

  22. I must be doing something wrong, I’ve tried twice. I start work out from coach widget, start the run activity, and the warm up timer starts. When I press lap/back after the warm up ends, it backs me out to the watch face. Thanks for the note, it’s good to know it works the way I’ve thought it should work!

  23. Hi there,
    so, my training with Galloway’s 10k plan has ended.
    But how do I continue from now? I don’t want to do the HM – I can’t donate so much time. Even 10K was on some days nearly too long for the rest of my family. But i’s the least I want to do.
    How do I keep the training from here up?

    1. Hi Matias. That’s up to you. If you want to stick with Garmin Coach you can go for another 10K with a challenging time goal or even a faster 5K plan. Check out the other coaches as well. Jeff’s plans are known for having extra long long runs. Coach Greg has a bit more speed work and could be a nice change for you.

  24. One thing,
    I used Galloway’s 10k run-walk-run method and my Garmin device did alert me when to run or to walk.
    The running intervall was mesured by distance showing the actual pace and if it’s in the parameters of desired speed. The Interval ends with showing a short pace summary (3-4 sec). After reaching that discance the Watch beeped and went into a 3 min. countdown for the walk segment.

  25. Thank you,
    so if I now choose the Coach Greg I don’t start by 0 again? I, in some sort, continue my training without going back to beginning?

  26. Hi
    I have the garmin coach 5k and a Vivoactive 4s. The watch has worked perfectly on the runs apart from the Goal Pace Repeat where it did not give me the pace during the 600m and didn’t switch to 400m. After completing over 600m I went to start it but the session ended and I didn’t get to repeat as I was suppose to.

    Do I need to hit a button after the warmup?

    Many thanks in advance

    1. Hi Patricia. Sometimes you need to press the lap button to progress to the next part of the workout, but only do that if the watch tells you to. You should also be able to see a reference to the lap button in the scheduled workout in the Connect app.

  27. Any insights into the mechanics of confidence level? I am hitting all of my workouts and goal times. Yet my confidence level is abysmal orange. Only thing I can think is I am rescheduling my runs often but I do them and well. I’m doing Galloway 10k and noticed my paces get muddled between run/walk averages. Meaning, I wonder if maybe the walking intervals are counting against my confidence somehow. I was sick for a couple weeks and had to pause but am resuming fine. Just wish I co
    Use figure out what I am doing wrong is all. Thanks for your time and resource.

    1. Do you have autolap turned on? It shouldn’t affect the confidence level, but it can make your lap averages seem strange as Garmin Coach creates it’s own laps. I have the same problem being in orange while still hitting most of the pace targets, it’s strange and I haven’t figured it as out yet. It could also be a bug. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

  28. Hi,

    I am week 18 out of 21 for Amy half Marathon training with a goal of 1:38. The plan so far has been ok although the pace for long runs is way to slow (5:34-5:53 per km) giving that I will be aiming for 4:40 per km on race day! Anyway I just ignored this and ran at my own pace. I was enjoying the plan and had my long run upto 23km but since week 15 she has massively reduced the km and the last three weeks and next week my long run is just under 10km and im only running 30km a week …. it seems very early to be doing any tapering for the last 6 weeks of my training. It looks to me that the plan should only 16 weeks long and the last 5 weeks its just some random default runs, have you seen this before?

    1. Hi Liam!
      There is a bug in the plan that can lead to the plan getting stuck. You would see the same week of workouts every week. Is that the case for you? Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a way to solve this, but if this is the problem, try contacting Garmin. 6 weeks of tapering is definitely not okay. While you wait on Garmin, add a little extra to your runs.

  29. Hi thanks for getting back so quick. Yea exactly the same for the last 3 weeks now and same next week again so must be a bug. I will contact Garmin as you have suggested I have already started adding some KMs to her runs to bring my weekly total back up! Thanks

  30. If you cannot make the Monday of a 3 day a week plan due to medical thing do you just go onto the Wednesday or can you catch up the day before or day after the missed day somehow.

    1. Hi Carol, you can reschedule your runs as long as the originally planned day for it hasn’t passed yet. Open the scheduled workout, go to menu and choose reschedule.

  31. I’ve just started Jeff’s intermediate half marathon plan with a goal time. I completed the benchmark run this evening and having done Runkeeper training plans in the past was surprised not to hear any audio prompts/cues. I’m going to need audio cues when doing intervals/drills so that I know what I’m supposed to do. Will there by any audio instructions on future runs? Is there any way this feature can be turned on? Thanks

    1. No, there are no audio instructions. The instructions are on your watch. Your watch vibrates when it needs to tell you something, for example you’re doing too fast/slow or it’s time for the next part of the workout. Depending on the watch you have, it might beep as well. You can turn on audio prompts in your watch, but that will only tell how you did in the previous part of the workout and not what to do next.

  32. Hi. I’m new to running with Garmin and use Vivoactive 4. I am struggling to understand what buttons to press. I have tried pressing the top button for the “Other: lap button press” and had similar experiences to other comments on here. I recently ignored pressing lap button, and simply did my 10 min warm up, then the watch buzzed and I knew I had the cadence drill of 30s run /walk. I then went on to the Accelerator Glider, again with set intervals and from memory of knowing today’s drill (wk. 3 Galloway 10k). After that, there was no buzzing and I continued to my cool down (& threw in another interval). On finishing, I pressed the back button (bottom right) and then had a series of intervals and as I went through quick succession of pressing, it closed all these off. If you could please help me to understand how I should be using the watch as I’m enjoying the running but my stats are not really being recorded correctly and I’m slightly concerned if it affects how the program progresses me along. A great site /blog. Thank you.

    1. Hi Harj! The back button is your lap button. Once you finish the warming-up your watch buzzes to ask you if you’re ready to start the drills. When you are, press the lap button and the intervals start. After that it should go over smoothly. Good luck!

  33. Hi, thanks so much for all you do here for the community! I’ve really enjoyed Coach Greg for the 10KM and now the half marathon. The one thing that has been killing me is the post run rating. What factors into non-productive, maintaining and productive ratings? I want to always be productive ha!

    1. Hi Shawn! The training status is actually not linked to Garmin Coach, though it does take the data from the runs you are doing as part of your training plan. The main factors are VO2 Max and training load. It’s normal to have different statuses throughout your plan. If you would always be productive you would be infinitely improving your fitness, which is impossible. What’s also important is that your heart rate zones should be setup correctly. Your training load is based on how hard a training was and if your zones are incorrect, it can’t correctly determine that.

  34. Hi, thanks for the fantastic notes!
    I did a hill workout on my treadmill, not using my vivoactive 3, downloaded the tcx from iFit to import into Garmin. It won’t log today’s workout as complete – its set to treadmill running and training. Is that because it wasn’t recorded with a Garmin device?
    Also, not tested this yet, but I want to use my 920xt for my long runs (its what I’ll be using in my race). If I record a long run on that instead of the vivoactive 3, and sync it, do you know if it will mark the run as complete? Another reason for using the 920 is I really really hate the vivoactive not doing the run/walk alerts during a workout. Its so backwards, when the older 910 does it no worries (and I’m assuming the 920 as well). So I guess another question is, if I use the vivoactive for the long run as a run (not a workout so the run/walk alerts work) will it still log the scheduled run as completed?
    thanks again!

    1. Hi Kim! Whatever device you use, you must select the Garmin Coach workout for it to register in your plan. So that means you can’t use your 920 (not compatible) and you can’t use a normal run with run/walk intervals. Some people use their phone for the walk alerts, some use a separate device like Gymboss. Or… As you have two watches, can you use the 920 for the alerts and the Vivoactive for the workout registration? You could even put the Vivoactive in a pocket or something, as long as you start the workout.

  35. Thanks! Thought as much 🙁
    I did a long run today on the vivo but not the workout (so I could use the run/walk intervals and use one headphone for music). My long run isn’t marked as complete as a result. I’ll see how the plan goes with these two ‘missed’ workouts – I’m using it as training for a half ironman in 7 weeks so won’t even complete the program before the race anyway. Always good to know / learn how this all works as it’ll be good to do in the future!

  36. Hi,

    I’ve began half marathon program with Jeff but the only possible target I have is completion while I want to set goal time. I can’t change it (from app or from browser). When setting the plan I chose that I ran weekly 1-8km in 5:30 min/km pace. any thing I can do to set goal time in current plan?

    1. No, the plan is trying to protect you from overdoing it. If you were running 1-8k a week you shouldn’t be going for a time goal. It’ll assume you can already run the distance and the first long run can be anywhere between 10k and 15k. The plan will focus more on speed instead of gradually increasing distance.

      If you really want to have a time goal, you’ll need to abandon the plan, select a different running experience and start over. But, I don’t recommend it.

  37. Hi. I am on werk 1 of a 10km training plan with Amy. I signed up mainly to improve my goal time. I ha my first benchmark run ( 2min/5min/2min) today. I setup my long runs for Saturday. My long runs prior to this program are around 12km. However in my training plan it has me for a time trial (3.2 jog / 1.6km time trial / 1.6km jog). Do I just finish (save the workout) and than start a new run so I can run my 12km? Or can I resume running and the workout is still recorded and marked as complete in the training plan?

    1. You can resume the workout after you finished the coach part. Your watch will automatically pause at the end, just resume and keep going. What you run extra will not be taken into account for the plan though.

  38. Hi, day 1 of 10k training plan. Stride repeats are listed twice in my calendar. Does that mean to carry out the exercise twice including warm up/down?

  39. Hi there. I have just done my 5k bench Mark run and I got the next weeks program. I am doing Galloway. Can I do more running on the days that I have chosen. For example if long run is 1k can I do an extra 6 or 7k and also during the week

  40. Thank you for the quick response . Another question what or where is the lap button. Is that the main button on the side of the vivoactive 3?

  41. Hello,
    I have just completed the benchmark run but it doesn’t sync with te run in trainingsplan om garmin connect. The benchmarkrun is now still uncompleted. I have selected the benchmarkrun om my garmin venu when i started.
    Did i do something wrong?

    1. Hi Tessa, it’s hard to say, but sometimes that just happens. Try forcing a sync in every way possible: via watch, connect app, Garmin Express, etc. Most likely you’ll need to run your benchmark again. Good luck, hope you get it sorted!

  42. Hey, I am on week 5 (of 17) of coach Jeffs Half marathon plan. My goal is ‘completion’ in stead of a time goal, since i’ve never even run a 10k before.
    But there seems to be no build up at all.
    In week two i got an article about the different kind of training drills i would encounter, but every week is the same 4 cadence drills and 4 acceleration glider routines. It doesn’t even give me a cadence goal; just 150-200.
    I peeked ahead at next weeks’ drill workout and it is still the same. No progression at all.
    The only thing changing is the long run every two weeks.
    I had thought it would be more adaptive, is this because I didn’t set a time goal? The plan is starting to bore me bit i dont want to have lost five weeks of training by starting over with another plan. Any tips?

    1. Hi Leila, I have unfortunately no experience with how Jeff’s plan builds up, but you can change the coach by editing your current plan. You won’t lose 5 weeks of progress and will dive in wherever that Coach wants you to be at 5 weeks. Hope this helps!

      1. It helps a little thanks! I would appreciate if any ons doing the same plan could let me know if they do have a build up though. Not sure is my plan is just lagging, or if it is supposed to be this way. And with no social media at my disposal, I don’t know how else to find out.

  43. Hey there!

    just starting the plan (did my benchmark run) and just wondering what is meant with warm-up? Do you run at slow pace? Just walk and get your muscles warm, or what?


    1. Whatever warms you up sufficiently to do the next part of the workouts! I usually do a short warm up/stretch before I start the activity and then run slowly up to an easy pace.

  44. Hello, will the plan adjust on its own? If you are hitting the pace in the plan and based on your input. If you find that certain pace to be easy. Will it change to faster pace or will you need to adjust it manually?

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  46. Hi there, I’ve just started the 5k plan with a friend. We’ve run at the same pace for a year now so have decided to push ourselves and aim for a better 5k time. We did the benchmark run together at exactly the same time. We just did a long run but realised that mine was 6.44k and hers 8.2k. We’re disappointed because we wanted to do the same training plan. Next week the intervals show I have a repeat of 10, and her just 6. We run socially and doubt we will do it if we had to do it alone. Is it all based on our heart rates and vo2 max? Could the fact that I did a 45 min bike ride yesterday and she rested be a contributing factor? What can we do to ensure we both do the same so that we can support one another? We’re using Amy as our coach. Is there another way we can do it so that it syncs but comes up on each of our watches (both forerunner 245 music). Thanks in advance. Danielle

    1. Hi Danielle! Heart rate and any activity done outside the coach plan (even other runs) are not taken into account. The only thing I could imagine is that you didn’t enter the same data while setting up the plan. If you enter a lower current mileage, the plan might start slower.
      I’d start again with the same setup. But be careful, if one of you skips a long run or interval workout, you could be out of synch again.

      You could also manually create the workouts that one watch shows in the other one (through Garmin Connect). One of you has the plan, the other does the same training though.

  47. Hello! I’m currently on week 12 of 25 for a half marathon training plan through Coach Amy on Garmin Coach. It’s been a really positive experience and this will be my first half marathon. My current time goal is 2:10, but the confidence bar has been in purple almost the entire time, so i’m worried my goal is too low. I’d rather not overdo my goal and training, so i’m wondering how to go about setting a better goal. I don’t think garmin has a feature to help with this and would love some insight!

    1. Hi Zoe! The confidence level is really just a gimmick. How do your workouts feel? Easy runs are easy? Speed workouts are pushing you hard? That’s how I would ceremony if I need to change the time goal.

  48. Hi – I’ve done Amy’s half marathon plan, and now doing Greg’s with a time goal. I love them. Do you know whether there is a full marathon equivalent that I can use? I don’t see it on Garmin Connect, maybe a 3rd party one?

    1. Unfortunately, there isn’t. You can go to Garmin Connect and find marathon plans though, you need to setup on the website, not in the app. It synchs to your watch, but it’s a static plan.

  49. Does anyone know how to make the training adapt? By this I mean, if I run faster then the target pace of workouts and turn an easy pace into a moderate pace, will it get more aggressive with workouts or will it see the extra effort as a negative? I’m on Greg’s pan for the second time and want to understand how 20 minutes of easy running three times a week with an easy long run is going to prepare me for an aggressive goal. I’m never even close to it of breath and have been focusing on keeping my heart rate in zone 3 for the duration of every run (i.e. easy easy pace) any thoughts would help.

    1. Hi Patrick,

      Greg’s plans should give you plenty of speed workouts, so I’m surprised you’re only seeing easy runs. I’m assuming you added a time goal. Depending on your input regarding current mileage, you might get a few weeks of base building easy runs though.

      Do not underestimate the power of easy runs though! Run slow to run fast. But of course, there should be some hard runs as well.

      The plan will adapt mostly to skipped runs, but not to how fast you run an easy run.

  50. Hi.
    I’m a new runner and I’m aiming to do a half marathon in October 2022-givibg myself 10 months to train for it. I’ve signed up with the run-walk-run method and did my benchmark run today.
    I want to repeat some sessions, given my age, new-ness to running and the time I’ve got to prepare being so long.
    Is it possible to get the watch to do this? Or do I need to remember what I did the week before and just repeat it without recording it officially as a workout?

  51. Thank you so much for compiling all of this information and the guidance! After reading it, I realized I must have entered my current weekly run distance incorrectly when I set up my program, as I was never given a “time” goal. I quit the plan (completion goal) I have been following for 3 weeks and will start anew tomorrow with my HM time goal in place! 🙂 Yes, it has been 4 years since my last HM, but I have been road biking a ton so have quite a decent cardio base.

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