Road to my first half marathon – Week 7

Week 7 of the road to my first half marathon with Garmin Coach was short and sensible. I recovered from last week’s 15K race, skipped a few runs to speed up that recovery and had my first run in the snow this winter! I may have gotten a little too excited about that, but I’m okay with that. I also took my insoles out for their first long run and definitely challenged myself during the progression part of that long run. 

Easy run

I am visiting Center Parcs Allgäu for a work trip this week. It meant an early departure from home at 5:00 in the morning, a 1,5 hour car ride, long wait at the airport, 1 hour flight, long wait at the airport and a 2 hour car ride, followed by presentations and meetings. One night there, then repeat the process in reverse order to arrive back home at 22:30 on Thursday evening. You can see the Alps from the park and the area has a lot more snow in a year as my home town does. So, I brought my running shoes and hoped I would be able to go for a short run in the snow. 

Upon arrival I was disappointed to see no snow at all. It was freezing cold though, so maybe later. Presentations started and ended and still no snow, but finally during dinner it started snowing! I reacted so excited my coworkers must have thought I’d never seen snow before. So despite the two glasses of wine, I set my alarm at 5:30 in the morning (or so I thought) for my snowy morning run. I woke up at 5:25, checked the weather forecast and slowly realized I had set my alarm for 5:30 one day later. Oh well, it worked out. 

It’s actually 0°C when I’m out the door and that means the snow is actually melting underneath my feet. There is only a small layer of snow and every step I take makes the snow disappear instantly. I usually enjoy the quietness of these runs, but me slopping through the wet, messy snow is not making this a very quiet run. It was a fun run though and that was the intention. My feet were slowly getting more wet as I was running around the beautiful park, so I was definitely keeping this run short. I particularly enjoyed the motion sensors on the lights next to the cottage doors. There was barely anyone else out there and the motion sensors where picking up my movement, so as I was moving past the cottages all the door lights were turning on one by one. 

I ran 3,4K at an average pace of 8:16 min/km. Short and fun. 

Progression run

Coach Greg planned a progression run for today: 60 minutes easy pace, 10 minutes goal pace and 5 minutes fast. Since I changed my goal pace for my Garmin Coach training plan a little while ago this means easy pace is now between 7:43 and 8:21 min/km, goal pace is 7:00 – 7: 12 min/km and fast pace is 6:29 – 6:41 min/km. I wanted a little more challenge and I guess I got it! I managed 8:16, 7:12 and 6:51 min/km. Pretty satisfied with that, especially since the last interval was partially uphill. And downhill, but still! I read you lose more speed running uphill as you gain by going downhill. That’s not how I experienced this last week during my bridge race, but for now I’m choosing to believe it!

This was my first long run where I used my new insoles and it confirmed my worries about them. I got two cute little blisters on my left foot and in my right foot I felt a weird pain after just 5K. It was as if someone was pointing little needles in my foot. The pain got less as I continued and soon after my run I found out why. The right side of my right foot was suddenly really sensitive. I guess I had been compensating for the pain on the left side of my foot by running more on the right side. A practical, but very temporary solution. So, I’ll be going back to my podiatrist to have the insoles adjusted. 

I’m not entirely sure this new goal time is going to be anything more as something nice to aim for, but I guess we’ll see. I mainly missed the extra push during the speed workouts and my easy runs are also faster now that it’s winter. Coach Greg has lost so much confidence in me throughout all my skipped and adjusted runs that he even asked me if I maybe wanted to pause the plan. No, I don’t! There are 8 weeks left in the plan, we’ve got this Coach Greg!

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