Road to my first half marathon – Week 6

This week starts of with the plan to spend Monday till Friday in Paris for work. As I’ll be slowing down on training in preparation of Sunday’s race I figured I would do two runs this week. One on Tuesday morning and one on Thursday morning. Upon arrival in Paris on Monday morning I learned that there will be a public transport strike on Thursday and Friday and that my route back will be unsure. I change my plans and book a train back for Wednesday. 

Goal pace run

I woke up this morning at 6:30 as my alarm was going off, barely able to open my eyes. The only function of the walls in this hotel appears to be to provide some sense of privacy. I can hear my neighbors sneeze, cough, watch TV, walk, etc. If my hearing would be any better I’m sure I could make out the conversations as well. Since I’m a light sleeper, I woke up several times during the night. It took me over an hour to get ready and out the door. The unforgiving mirror of the hotel elevator confirmed that I looked as great as I felt. 
Yesterday evening I was debating what type of training I would do today, mainly considering short intervals vs. a short easy run. This morning I knew I wasn’t going to do any intervals so I picked the easy run on my watch, decided I’d do 30 minutes and that would be enough. I started my watch and after a few minutes I realized my legs actually felt really good. I peeked at my watch and saw that I was going fast, way faster as expected. This wasn’t going to be an easy run after all. My average pace went from 7:50 to 7:40, 7:30 min/km, etc. Excluding my warming up and cooling-down I ran 20 minutes at an average pace of 7:12 min/km. Okay. My goal pace for Sunday’s is actually around 7:50 min/km, so I’m not sure what this about. Maybe my legs just appreciated the skipped long run of last weekend?

Easy run

Back in the Netherlands and working from home today. I had a phone meeting planned in the morning and was looking forward to going on a run afterwards. Since it’ll be light outside for once during my run I’ll be heading into the woods today! 
It’s been very foggy the last days and that makes for nice and a bit creepy views. It’s 11 o’clock on a random Thursday and I’m alone in the woods. I saw maybe three dog walkers during the entire run and that was it. I visited my favorite spots, some open spots in the woods that allow for the best views. Love seeing these same spots in all different kind of conditions. I’m really happy I was able to go here today. 
I ran 4K at an average pace of 8:15 min/km.
That’s it for my training this week, I’ll be running my first 15K race on Sunday: Bruggenloop Rotterdam. I have never ran this far, my furthest run so far is 14K which I ran one month ago. I’m excited and a little scared! My Garmin says I’m in recovery mode and I’m feeling good. Coach Greg however is not very happy with me at the moment. I’ve been skipping, replacing and adapting his workouts for the last two weeks to prepare myself for this race. Garmin Coach is just preparing me for my half marathon race in February, so he thinks I’m slacking right now. That’s fine, I know better, Coach Greg!
I’ll be posting my race day report somewhere next week in a separate post, so subscribe or check out my Instagram or Facebook to see my results!

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