Road to my first half marathon – Week 10

Week 10 of the road to my first half marathon with Garmin Coach has been slightly adapted to make room for a mini-taper for Sunday’s 10K race. I skipped one run, did my speed repeats earlier in the week (and rocked them!) and skipped the optional part of the easy run. This week has a progression run instead of a long run and I’ll be using that workout for my actual race. 

Speed repeats

Another one of Coach Greg’s favorite workouts: speed repeats! Today the plan is: a 15 minute warm-up and cooling down, four repeats of four minutes at a ‘very fast, controlled pace’ with three minute recoveries, followed by five repeats of 30 seconds at a challenging pace with one minute recoveries. According to Coach Greg my very fast, controlled pace is between 6:23 and 6:35 min/km. A challenging pace is between 5:45 and 5:58 min/km. Alright, we’ll see about that. 

4 minute repeats

1. 6:30 min/km
2. 6:24 min/km
3. 6:24 min/km
4. 6:21 min/km

30 second repeats

1. 5:31 min/km
2. 5:29 min/km
3. 5:19 min/km
4. 5:18 min/km
5. 4:41 min/km

I made sure my first intervals weren’t too fast and kept an eye on my watch to make sure the intervals wouldn’t be slower as the previous one. I am very happy with the results! It’s a good thing there weren’t many people on my road as towards the end of my run I kept smiling at the lady in my ear that told me my lap paces. It was definitely not easy, but I did it! I even had a little energy left for a strong finish. 

For me the speed repeats I’ve been doing for the last weeks have confirmed that it was a good choice to change the time goal of my training plan. Before I did I would easily be running way faster as intended in the workouts, I didn’t feel like the speed workouts were challenging me. Now they definitely are challenging. I don’t think I’ll actually be running my half marathon race at the pace I have now setup (7:07 min/km!). My 5K PB is at 7:00 min/km, so I would call that a little ambitious. 

Easy run

For Christmas I’ve gotten a little tripod for my phone to have more photo options during my runs. So far I’ve been dependent on something to rest my phone against for pictures of me running: a fence, a branch, etc. But that requires some creativity and limits my options a lot. So, today’s run was part photo session, part short and easy run. I’m really happy about the picture results so far. 

The run Coach Greg planned was a five minute warm-up, 20 minute easy run, 15 minute optional run and a five minute cooling down. I decided to skip the optional run to be more fresh for my 10K race on Sunday. I ran 3,4K at an average pace of 8:15 min/km on the trails in the woods. 

Progression run

I’ll be using my Garmin Coach progression run as a pacer for my race on Sunday. I usually don’t do this for races outside the plan, but I’ve already been skipping and adapting so many Coach runs that I feel like the adaptive plan is adjusting towards my poor input. The coach has scheduled an 85 minute progression run. I’ll be skipping the warming up and cooling down, that leaves 75 minutes of running and that’s also the time to beat for my PR. The first 60 minutes should be run at 7:43 – 8:21 min/km, the next 10 at 7:00 – 7:12 min/km and the final 5 minutes at 6:29 – 6:41 min/km. I’ll need to run the first 60 minutes at 7:10 – 7:20 min/km and then hopefully follow the plan for the last 15 minutes. It’s a plan, let’s see about the execution. 

My race report of the 10K will follow soon. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to see first if I got my PR!

This week was a little short, but still a lot of fun. I’m very satisfied with my results so far and hopefully the race will go well as well. The workouts for next week look like a fun challenge again with a goal pace run and a short progression run. Enough speedy stuff! Only five weeks to go until my half marathon race!

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