Garmin Coach Half Marathon – Week 19

It is week 19 of my half marathon plan with Garmin Coach. As I explained last week, I’ve decided not to do the half marathon (yet) and instead I’m doing the 10K distance of the same race. I’ve still got two weeks to go! This week includes goal pace repeats, a 5K easy run and my first long run in weeks. 

Goal Pace Repeats

I was looking forward to this, goal pace repeats with Coach Greg! The goal: 3 times 3 minutes at goal pace with a 2 minute recovery, followed by 5 times 30 seconds faster. 

3 minute intervals: 6:34, 6:48 and 6:54 min/km
30 second intervals: 5:55, 5:37, 5:24, 5:04, 5:33 min/km

My goal pace is actually somewhere between 7:00 and 7:30 min/km. I started too fast on the first intervals, but I realized this and managed to slow down the next intervals. I hope I can find my goal pace a little faster on next week’s race! The 30 second intervals were all faster as the last interval, except the last one. Sounds good to me. 

As I was running around my neighborhood I was reminded of an article I wrote at the beginning of the year: the people of my morning run. I usually see the same people during each run and everyone has their own reason for being there: going to work, walking the dog, etc. Today I saw sidewalk-lady again. She mumbled something about a sidewalk to me again. I should really explain this situation. There is a very broad bike lane on which I’m running on the left side. The bikers will be coming directly at me at the same side of the road as I’m running on. The sidewalk is right next to the bike lane, but it has loose tiles and is a bit uneven. The right side of the bike lane is kind of uphill towards the right. It seems that sidewalk-lady is in the opinion that I should be running pretty much anywhere, except where she is cycling. She always moves out of the way for me, but when she does she’ll mumble “sidewalk” and nothing more. Last winter I was able to counter her, because I always see here in the same spot, with the same bright red jacket. I would simply shout a super happy “good morning!!” to her, leaving her too confused to mumble anything. I had forgotten about the red jacket, but she still has it. I’ll know for next time. Am I being rude here or is it understandable that I prefer to run on an even road, even if that slightly inconveniences a cyclist? Let me know in the comments below, I’m curious!

Easy run

For the last months, years maybe even, I’ve been running on one single snack and a bit of water on my morning runs before work. But I’ve been rethinking this lately. For the last few weeks I got nauseous after my run after I had my post-run breakfast (two boiled eggs and a toast). It wouldn’t go away until about halfway through the morning. I’m not really sure what’s causing this, but Google suggested it could be related to my pre-run snack. So, today I skipped it and ran 5K on just a bit of water. It went better as expected. I ran the 5K at an average pace of 7:47 min/km, but I started feeling pretty empty after about 4K. And I still felt nauseous after my run. I might need to rethink my post-run breakfast. 

Long easy run

I always say I enjoy running in the rain. It cools me, it makes for quieter roads and gives a sort of relaxing feeling. Today I did not enjoy the rain. It was pouring before I left, I checked the forecast and saw that it would be pouring for hours to come. So, I put on my rain jacket and rain cap and I went. It was about 9°C and windy and I didn’t realize I would be needing my awesome pink gloves. It was cold. I wanted to run 10K since it had been a really long time since I’ve ran a longer distance and I needed to know how it would go for my race next week. I ran the 10K in 1:21:38, about 30 seconds slower as my PR and I was actually taking it easy. That leaves some room for race day! 


I think I might be ready for my 10K race. This week and especially my long run confirmed that I made the right decision in changing my half marathon race to a 10K race. My 10K run felt good and I know there is room for improvement. I’m excited and looking forward to the race! One more week. 

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