Garmin Coach Half Marathon – Week 18

I’m still calling this my half marathon training, but I’ve made my decision. After weeks (months?) of not being able to train properly, mainly due to an injury on my foot I have decided to postpone my half marathon. When I run my first half marathon I don’t want to stress about making the time limit, I want to be pain free and I want to enjoy it. Right now, that’s not possible. So, I need to find a new half marathon that fits my schedule and I need to prepare myself for a different race. I changed my half marathon race to a 10K race. My current fastest time on a 10K distance is 1:21:09, but this was as part of long run. I have never ran a 10K race and I’m feeling pretty strong, who knows what’s possible? 

Benchmark run

I broke my half marathon plan with Garmin Coach, but I felt like I needed the Garmin Coach workouts to keep me motivated. So, I started another plan. 10K with a 1:10 time goal with good old Coach Greg. I have now done four benchmark runs in 9 months and I’m curious about my progress. Each benchmark consists of a 2 minute warm-up, 5 minute run (strong!) and a 2 minute cooling-down. Below are the paces and distances of each of those 5 minute runs. 

January 15th: 7:15 min/km, 0,69 km
May 2nd: 6:37 min/km, 0,76 km
May 31st: 6:38 min/km, 0,75 km
September 25th: 6:31 min/km, 0,77 km

Well, that’s not too bad, is it? It’s just a 5 minute run, but it’s definitely progress. 

I added 23 minutes to the run, making it an even 32 minute run at exactly 4K. I just had to stop my watch at that point. 

Stride repeats

Coach Greg has stride repeats planned for me. After weeks of repeating the same 30 second speed repeats, any change in the speed workout is welcome. But, this workout is simply 8 times 20 seconds with increased cadence, followed by a 45 second recovery. Not much of an improvement!

1. 4:47 min/km, 170 spm 
2. 5:32 min/km, 168 spm
3. 6:03 min/km, 166 spm
4. 5:50 min/km, 162 spm
5. 5:45 min/km, 169 spm
6. 5:34 min/km, 164 spm
7. 5:39 min/km, 164 spm
8. 5:59 min/km, 167 spm

I’m pretty satisfied with these results and mostly just happy that my Garmin Coach plan is giving me different workouts!



That’s it for week 18 of this half marathon plan that’s going to end with a 10K race. I’m happy with my decision and enjoying running pain free. I will be seeing a podiatrist next week to find the cause of my injury and hopefully a way to prevent it from coming back after my cortisone shot wears off in a few weeks. 

I’m taking less pictures during my runs since the sun is not showing up until well after my run is done. So if you’re wondering why my Instagram is a little quiet recently, I’m still working on a solution for that! Ideas are welcome. 

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