Garmin Coach Half Marathon – Week 15, 16, 17

Garmin Coach Half Marathon – Week 15

Week 15 of my half marathon plan with Garmin Coach and it’s time to step up my training. After a week holiday and several skipped long runs, the next few weeks will be decisive in whether or not I’ll be able to complete my half marathon on October 13th. Race date is getting closer and I’m feeling less and less prepared. 

Training 52 – Tired run

After last week’s terrible travel day back home, I figured a tired run would be fitting, even if I hadn’t done my long run. It went better as expected. After a short warm-up I ran the scheduled 4.83 km at an average pace of 7:59 min/km, which is a bit faster as my easy pace. My average heart rate appears to be lowering during these runs as well. I guess I might be getting fitter? With all this summer heat, I hadn’t noticed.


Training 53 – Speed repeats

I woke up today with a pulled muscle in my neck. Work has been stressful and I had a bad aquapower session yesterday that focused (badly) on arms and shoulders for a bit. I did not want to run with this. So, I didn’t. 

Training 54 – Easy run

Yesterday’s painful neck and an added sore throat. Again, no run. I’m starting to feel bad and more unprepared as ever. But, that didn’t get me out the door. 

Training 55 – Run

This might have been the crappiest run of the year. If I consider my first half marathon is in 5 weeks, I probably should’ve ran at least 12K. If I consider my foot injury and the advice from my physical therapist, I should’ve ran maximum 10K. Considering how I felt this morning, I told myself 8K would be fine. I ran 3K. In 30 minutes. I’ve been feeling a bit of a cold coming up, but nothing that should bother me too much. But while running today it seemed as if I wasn’t getting enough oxygen. Walked a lot. I turned around to go home when I realized the walking parts had become longer as the running parts. Better luck next time?


I guess there isn’t much I can say about this week that will make it better. I still have a few weeks to go, hopefully I can make up for my lost training. I guess the pain in my foot and the annoyingly stuck Garmin Coach plan isn’t helping much. I need to let go of my Garmin Coach plan and start my final preparations for my half!

Garmin Coach Half Marathon – Week 16

Week 16 marks the start of running in the dark again. Summer is really over. When I leave for my morning run the sun isn’t up yet, but somewhere during the runs I’m getting some amazing sunrises. The downside is that I can’t run my usual routes in the woods anymore and I’m forced to run some rounds through my neighborhood. Not so much fun, but definitely safer. 


Training 56 – Easy run

Just an easy run today, 4,83 km at an average pace of 8:13 min/km. Garmin says it was 12°C during this run, I’m loving these cooler runs! And check out the view. 

Training 57 – Goal pace run

So, I’m ignoring Coach Amy today, cause I am so done with her 30 second speed repeats! My Garmin Coach plan has been stuck for weeks and Garmin has not come with a solution just yet. Each week has been the same four workouts for more as a month. Not useful, not fun.

When I got out the door this morning I didn’t have a plan yet. I just started running and after about 10 minutes decided that I wanted to run at my half marathon goal pace. Somewhere between 7:00 and 7:30 min/km. I did two blocks, the first one was 10 minutes and the second was 5 minutes with a 2 minute recovery in between. I ran both at 7:00 min/km. I actually wanted to go a little longer, but I was going too fast for that. Goal for next week: slower and longer!



That’s it for this week. And most of next week. After my goal pace run I got a call from my doctor about the ultrasound I had the day before. I needed a cortisone shot in my foot and wouldn’t be allowed to run for at least a week after that. But, what about my half marathon? Maybe. The doctor was very understanding and got me an appointment to get the shot within the hour, just before the weekend so that I could get back to training as soon as possible. For now, no running. 

Garmin Coach Half Marathon – Week 17

This week will be short as the doctor ordered a no running week. But, I got my test run in exactly one week after getting my shot. During the week my foot pain definitely got a lot less and this is giving me hope again. 

Training 58 – Test run

I decided on a short, easy 30 minute run, just to see how my foot would hold up during, but mostly after my run. 

The run felt great, no pain and a 8:05 min/km pace. I did have a bit pain during the day after the run, but nothing like it had been before. I’m pretty sure my half marathon (in 3 weeks!) is not going to happen. I might be able to change to the 10K distance though. I haven’t made my decision yet. Did capture a nice sunrise again though. 


I’ll need to make a decision on short term about my half marathon. It’s in three weeks and I really don’t want to skip it, but it might be the sensible thing to do. I don’t know yet. 

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