Garmin Coach Half Marathon – Week 13

Week 13 of my half marathon training with Garmin Coach is a short one. In the end I only did two runs this week, I was very busy, tired and a bit disorganized. I could’ve gotten in an extra run if I had planned this a little better, but I didn’t. Still 7 weeks to go till my first half marathon!

Training 44 – Tired run

I skipped this week’s tired run as I’m still only doing three runs a week. 


Training 45 – Speed repeats

Another one of Amy’s speed repeats and it’s the same one as it’s been for the past weeks. Ten sets of 30 seconds fast (6:57 – 7:16 min/km) and 30 seconds recovery. Since all of the workouts in a week have been repeating itself for the past weeks, it appears there is a bug in the Garmin Coach plans. Through the Garmin Coach Runners Community on Facebook I’ve been seeing many other users reporting the same issue. It has been reported to Garmin and they seem to be investigating the problem. 

I wanted to compare last week’s speed repeats with this week’s so I put all the interval times below. The fast interval’s were definitely more consistent and even though this meant that I had to walk part of two recovery’s, I think it was a better workout. I’m pretty sure the third interval didn’t register correctly as I was definitely not running my recovery faster as the fast part of the interval. Overall, I’m happy with my progress. 

This week
1. 6:10 min/km – recovery: 8:11 min/km
2. 5:49 min/km – recovery: 8:42 min/km
3. 7:15 min/km – recovery: 7:07 min/km (?)
4. 5:31 min/km – recovery: 8:12 min/km
5. 5:24 min/km – recovery: 8:34 min/km
6. 5:23 min/km – recovery: 9:45 min/km
7. 5:28 min/km – recovery: 13:22 min/km
8. 5:29 min/km – recovery: 8:20 min/km
9. 5:30 min/km – recovery: 8:41 min/km
10.5:29 min/km – recovery: 9:39 min/km

Last week
1. 7:14 min/km – recovery: 8:32 min/km
2. 6:11 min/km – recovery: 7:48 min/km
3. 6:22 min/km – recovery: 9:19 min/km
4. 6:31 min/km – recovery: 8:04 min/km
5. 6:16 min/km – recovery: 9:05 min/km
6. 5:47 min/km – recovery: 9:47 min/km
7. 6:09 min/km – recovery: 8:33 min/km
8. 5:49 min/km – recovery: 8:38 min/km
9. 6:07 min/km – recovery: 8:04 min/km
10. 4:39 min/km – recovery: 9:19 min/km

Training 46 – Easy run

I didn’t want to run today. I felt tired, stressed and sooo ready for my upcoming vacation. I went anyway and I was treated to some magical views again. The sunrise, combined with the fog in the open fields (like last week!) made me glad I got out and went for my run. Even thought the temperatures have been rising in my area and there is another heat wave coming up, the mornings are still comfortable at 12°C. Perfect running conditions for me. I ran 40 minutes at 8:18 min/km.

Training 47 – Run

I had to skip this week’s long run due to a lack of time. Not advisable, but with a bachelor party on Saturday and a flight to Croatia on Sunday for a week vacation, there wasn’t much room for a long run. I could’ve (should’ve?) fit one in during the week, but I was feeling stressed and tired and didn’t even think of this option until it was too late. I figured I’d reschedule it to Monday, but I am now writing this from a camping in Croatia with lots of hills and way too warm temperatures. There will be no long run this week. I probably shouldn’t have skipped my tired run earlier this week though. 
With zero change in my training plan from last week and two skipped runs one of which my long run, I’m calling bullshit on this confidence level increase since last week. I’ll be adding some short runs in the Croatian hills and heat this coming week and my next long run will be back home, hopefully on Monday. I still have a few weeks for my preparation and if Garmin doesn’t fix the problem with the Coach plans, I’ll be manually adjusting my training for the coming weeks. 

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