Garmin Coach Half Marathon – Week 10

Week 10 of 20 of the Garmin Coach half marathon plan and I’m getting a bit of confidence back! I was able to do a little bit of speed work and a 9,5K long run this week. It looks like my foot is finally recovering!! Logically I immediately switched back from a completion goal to a time goal, more on that below. 

Training 32 – Tired run

No pace goal, just 4,8K at an easy, comfortable pace. I stayed on the asphalt bike lane today that goes through the woods behind my house and connect two little towns together. I usually see a lot of commuting cyclists here during my morning run who mostly give me some kind of friendly greeting. It’s the middle of summer holidays though and it is very quiet today. I finished this run at an average pace of 8:48 min/km. 

Training 33 – Speed repeats

Not today, Coach Amy! I’m still skipping speed work to let my foot recover. 

Training 34 – Easy run

The plan is 8K easy, but that is just a bit much for a pre-work workout and also, it’s more as last Sunday’s long run which led to quite a bit after-pain my foot. I decided to ignore Coach Amy and just run 6K at easy pace. For some reason I got a little annoyed halfway through the run with this easy pace I’ve been running at for the last few weeks. I cut the run a little short and ran 4,5K at easy pace followed by 1K at goal pace. That felt so good! I’ve not run at faster paces for almost three weeks as this was bothering my foot a lot. I really just couldn’t help myself, but I didn’t feel an increase in pain and it didn’t result in much pain after the run either. This might be a good sign. 

After this run I changed my Garmin Coach goal from completion to the slowest time goal the plan will allow (2:40), still with Coach Amy. This way I’ll be getting pace goal’s, without it pushing me too much. I’ll be trying to complete the one speed workout Coach Amy offers per week and remove one of the easy runs for now. I’ll see how that goes and maybe I’ll be able to go back to four workouts per week soon again. Feeling hopeful! 

Training 35 – Run

Coach Amy’s plan for today is not a long run, not a negative split or progression run, no, I’ve got a run scheduled! Not sure what’s up with this name, but the workout is simply a 2 minute warm-up and cool-down plus 12,9 km at easy pace. So, a long easy run. As hopeful as I am about the recovery of my foot, I want to be sure I’m not going to mess this up by overdoing it too soon. I set out a route that is 7,5K, but gives me the option at 5K to extend the run to 9,5K and then at 8K I could extend it again to 10,5K if my foot feels good enough. 

This run felt good, the start of the run was mainly in the shades and the sun was hiding behind the clouds pretty good as well. I started a little faster as intended, but managed to slow myself down to an average of 8:30 min/km. So far, so good. I reached the 5K point where I needed to make a decision to cut it short, or continue to go for at least 9,5K. I felt good, my foot felt good, so I continued! By now the sun had gotten passed the clouds and it was getting a lot warmer. My pace was slowly going up. 

At the 8K point I wasn’t in much pain yet, but still decided that 9,5K would be enough for today and I started to head home. During the last 1K my foot started to protest a little again which told me I had made the right decision. 

Now that I have changed back to a time goal, Coach Amy is sharing a confidence level with me again. Look at that! That can’t be right! I am definitely feeling more confident after this week, but I think my constant changing stuff in the plan might have confused Coach Amy. That’s okay, I’m doing what I can and it’s still 10 weeks until race day. 

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