Garmin Coach 5K, 10K and Half Marathon

Today Garmin has introduced the 10K and half marathon distance to the Garmin Coach plans. I was personally really happy with the Garmin Coach 5K Plan as you can also read in my Garmin Coach Review, but I’ve been looking to increase my distance now and the static training plans Garmin provided were simply not the same. There is very limited adaptability and no accountability (love the Garmin Coach’s confidence levels!). 

With this update there are also some changes made to the original 5K plan and initial setup of the plan. I’m sure there are more changes done in the background which I’m not able to see as well. 


Check out the Garmin Coach Runners Community on Facebook! It’s a growing community filled with other runners around the world working through their training plan. Here you can ask and share everything Garmin Coach, setup or coaches, specific workouts, brag about results or confidence levels or simply to connect with other Garmin Coachers

New 10K and half marathon distance

The new 10K plans will either get you safely to your first 10K distance if you choose a completion goal or help you beat your current 10K time by choosing a time goal. The fastest 10K time you can select is 44:00 and the slowest is 1:15:00. Unfortunately you can’t select a time goal outside this parameter. You can select a completion goal which will not take into account a goal pace and provides a little more flexibility. 

For the half marathon distance the fastest time goal available is 1:32:00 and the slowest goal is 2:40:00.


Increased time goals for 5K plan

Previously the goal time parameters were up to a 25 minute 5K plan. Many runners had problems with this setup as you won’t be able to benefit from these plans if you are already running a 25 minute 5K. As of today you’ll be able to setup a time goal up to 22 minutes. 


The coaches you can pick to guide you through your training plan remain the same. Greg McMillan, Amy Parkerson-Mitchel and Jeff Galloway. Which coach you choose will impact the number of workouts you’re doing per week and the type of workouts you’re given. Garmin provides introductory viideos to all the coaches, but if you’re still not sure I wrote a guide on which coach to choose for your Garmin Coach plan


These Garmin Coach 10K/half marathon plans are exactly what I’ve been looking for in the past weeks while trying to determine how to continue after my Garmin Coach 5K plan. Garmin Coach has ease, flexibility, adaptability, accountability and so much more. I have started my half marathon plan with Coach Greg at the beginning of June (check out the weekly updates on the Garmin Coach 5k Plan and Garmin Coach Half Marathon Plan!) and I think it can be beneficial for many runners out there. What do you think of the new Garmin Coach plans? Will you be using them? Let me know below in the comments!

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