A faster half marathon – Last long run and more speed work A faster half marathon – Last long run and more speed work
A faster half marathon – Last long run and more speed work
A faster half marathon – Last long run and more speed work
A faster half marathon – Speed repeats and sunrise runs A faster half marathon – Speed repeats and sunrise runs
A faster half marathon – Speed repeats and sunrise runs
A faster half marathon – Speed repeats and sunrise runs
A faster half marathon – Back to training, resuming the Garmin Coach plan A faster half marathon – Back to training, resuming the Garmin Coach plan
A faster half marathon – Back to training, resuming the Garmin Coach plan
A faster half marathon – Back to training, resuming the Garmin Coach plan
Best Garmin watches for running Best Garmin watches for running
Best Garmin watches for running
Best Garmin watches for running
A faster half marathon – More speed work and pausing the Coach plan A faster half marathon – More speed work and pausing the Coach plan
A faster half marathon – More speed work and pausing the Coach plan
A faster half marathon – More speed work and pausing the Coach plan
A faster half marathon – First speedwork and Friday Fun Run returns A faster half marathon – First speedwork and Friday Fun Run returns
A faster half marathon – First speedwork and Friday Fun Run returns
A faster half marathon – First speedwork and Friday Fun Run returns
A faster half marathon – Another time trial, PB and my first long run A faster half marathon – Another time trial, PB and my first long run
A faster half marathon – Another time trial, PB and my first long run
A faster half marathon – Another time trial, PB and my first long run
A faster half marathon – Time trials and low heart rate running A faster half marathon – Time trials and low heart rate running
A faster half marathon – Time trials and low heart rate running
A faster half marathon – Time trials and low heart rate running
A faster half marathon – Garmin Coach setup, benchmark and first runs A faster half marathon – Garmin Coach setup, benchmark and first runs
A faster half marathon - Garmin Coach setup, benchmark and first runs
A faster half marathon – Garmin Coach setup, benchmark and first runs

Garmin Coach FAQ

This article contains the most frequently asked questions regarding Garmin Coach gathered from over 4.000 Garmin Coach users. Most questions have been gathered from the Garmin Coach Runners Community on Facebook. Join the group to ask your question if you don’t find it here!

I’ve already written a lot about Garmin Coach, so check it out:

Frequently Asked Questions

Garmin Coach

The runs are building up too fast, what’s wrong?

If you are new to running a certain distance, you need to select ‘completion’ as a goal and don’t select a time goal. If you select a time goal the plan’s algorithm will assume you’ve already ran the distance, regardless of the average mileage selected, and build your plan aiming to improve your time. The build-up will be much slower if you select low mileage and a completion goal.

My long run is not showing up on the correct day, how do I fix this?

You can set your long run in the “Edit Plan Settings” within the Garmin Coach tab in Garmin Connect. It can happen though that your long run will be planned on the wrong day.

You can fix this problem by changing the long run day in your settings to a different day. If the long run is showing up one day too late, change it to the workout day before your actual long run day and it should work itself out. For example, if your long run should be planned on Sunday, but it’s actually being planned on the workout day after Sunday, set your long run day to your workout day before Sunday.

Be aware that any changes you make in the settings of your Garmin Coach plan will cause a recalculation of your already planned future workouts.

My long runs are really long! Should I trust the plan?

Yes and no. Regardless of the distance you’ve selected, all plans come with long runs and they are a necessary part of your training. However, Garmin Coach is just an algorithm that relies partly on the information you provided and makes a few assumptions based on that.

Most of the coaches will have you running more as your goal distance if you select a time goal, but especially Coach Jeff can have you running extremely long runs. Be aware that the Coach plan of Jeff Galloway is intended to be done with run/walk intervals.

Don’t blindly trust the plan, in the end it’s an algorithm providing you with a training plan and specific workouts.

Can I resume the workout after I receive the “Workout ended” message?

Yes! When the intended workout is over, your watch will automatically pause and give you a message stating the workout has ended. Your watch will ask you what to do next, these options depend on the type of watch you own, but you usually can select at least save or discard. On some watches you’ll also see the option resume, but on some watches this is a bit less obvious. However, on all watches you can resume your workout by simply pressing the pause button of your watch. Within your workout a new lap will be created. Whatever you do after resuming the workout is not taken into account for your Garmin Coach plan.

Why am I not seeing a confidence level?

A confidence level will only be provided if you have selected a time goal. You can change your goal later on in the plan if the other data you provided meets the criteria, but you probably selected a completion goal for a reason.

Will the rating I give after each workout affect my future workouts?

No. This data is for your and Garmin’s information only. Garmin states to collect this data anonymously to improve the training plan.

Can I reschedule a workout?

Yes, you can reschedule your workouts if needed in the Garmin Connect app. Go to Garmin Coach, select Workout Schedule and select the workout you’d like to reschedule, select the options menu and choose Reschedule. Be careful though, because you can’t schedule two workouts on one day, if you do so it’ll delete the old one. So if you want to swap two workouts you first need to schedule a workout on an empty day.

You can’t reschedule a workout once the day you were supposed to do it has passed.

Can I see which training steps are expected for a specific workout?

You can preview your workouts in the Garmin Connect app on your phone or in the Garmin Coach widget on your watch up to one week in advance. Here you can see how long your warming up will be and what your goals are for the workout. You’ll see a distance or time goal for each step and the expected pace. In some cases a lap press is required to advance to the next step, if that’s the case it’ll also be shown here.

It’s not possible to change the steps of your Garmin Coach workout.

Can I assign a run done outside of Garmin Coach to the training plan?

No. The Garmin Coach workouts are created specifically so the algorithm behind the plans can take the relevant parts for the determination of your confidence level and future workouts. Garmin Coach is not able to determine the relevant parts for any regular runs done.

Which Coach should I choose?

Only you can answer that question. Watch the introductory videos, read this article on the differences between the coaches and make your choice. You can still change your coach after you’ve started the plan.

My Coach says “Good job”, even though the confidence level went down?
The Garmin Coach plan will give you only two types of comments on your workouts: “Good job” or “Room to grow”. If you did anything remotely close to what was asked of you, you’ll likely receive a “Good job” comment. If you skipped a big part of the workout or ran at a much slower pace as intended, you might see “Room to grow”. If you skipped a small part of the workout or ran part of the workout slower as intended, you might get a “Good job”, but it can still negatively impact your confidence level.
I can’t watch the videos from the coaches in my Garmin Connect app, are they important?

The videos and articles provided by your Coach that are shown as you progress through your training plan will give you guidance on how you should be approaching the workouts and the plan in general. If you can’t watch them in your app, try logging into Garmin Connect via a webbrowser and open your training plan and the video from there.

I’m sick or injured, what do I do?
You can temporarily pause the plan if you are not able to perform the workouts for some time. Open the Coach screen in Garmin Connect and click on the three dots, here you can select Pause. When you’re ready to restart the plan you can unpause it here as well. The plan will adapt for your missed workouts.

Be aware that the plan considers your race date the end date of your training plan. Even if you’ve paused the training plan, it will turn to completed as soon as the set race date has passed. When the training plan is completed you will no longer be able to make any adjustments.
The workout says “Other: Lap Button Press”, what should I do?

The goal of this part of the workout is to make sure you are ready to proceed to the next part. Check that there are no traffic lights coming up or dangerous crossing to pass, press that lap button and continue your workout

Make sure manual lap button is turned on in the run settings or pressing the button will take you back to your normal watch face instead of proceeding to the next lap.

My run/walk alerts are not working!
For some reason there are no run/walk alerts possible during Coach workouts. This is especially frustrating for those who chose Jeff Galloway as a coach, since you’re actually supposed to run/walk during the long runs. It’s unclear why this is, but you’re best option is to either set up alerts via an app on your phone, or buy a Gymboss.

Can I use Garmin Courses with Garmin Coach? 

Yes! Simply select your Garmin Coach workout like you normally would, through the Garmin Coach widget or by starting the run activity and selecting your workout. Next go to settings > navigation and select your course! Start your workout and your workout will start as normal, but with turn by turn navigation. 

Can I skip part of the workout?

Yes, it’s possible to skip part of the workout and skip ahead to the next part. Each Coach workout is setup in different laps, for example: warming up, easy run, cooling down. You can skip (part of) a lap by pressing the lap button on your watch. If you press the lap button 10 minutes into a 15 minute warming up, you’ll move to the easy run lap. The workout will continue as planned as long as you don’t press any more buttons. 

Make sure manual lap button is turned on in the run settings or pressing the button will take you back to your normal watch face instead of proceeding to the next lap. 

For more information on Garmin Coach, check out these links below: 

74 thoughts on “Garmin Coach FAQ”

  1. Dear all,
    I‘m a Garmin user and fan since vivoactive 1. The coach-function worked out perfect for me for 10k and a half-marathon.
    Now I would love to use the coach function for a marathon or triathlon (Olympic distance). Do you have Future plans to offer this too?

    1. Hi Alexander, I’m just a fan too, just one who likes to write! I’ve heard rumors about a marathon plan, but nothing official and it’s probably not happening on short term. Triathlon would be awesome, but since there are no cycling or swimming Coach plans yet, it’s unlikely to happen in the near future.

  2. Great articles about Garmin coach, thank you. This actually should be put up by Garmin somewhere as they don’t provide any detailed description on how to use it.

    I have one doubt maybe you can help me with that. I recently started garmin coach training plan and it’s going along nicely. This is my first sport watch and first time using this kind of training.

    When I have for example interval training I have to run at specific pace for some periods of time. Between those intervals I’m just jogging or running significantly slower. The problem is when the interval starts I get vibration with pace lower then I’m currently running, as it was calculating it from the jogging brake. After few seconds (ca. 20) I get another vibration and the pace is still too low, covering the average from the jog brake. After about a minute the pace is finally calculated correctly.

    It’s really hard to target the right pace, especially when the interval is short or you have some small pace range. Besides it’s really annoying, when you have to speed run for 1 or 2 minute and during it you get few vibration notifications.

    1. Hi Yaatzek! That’s exactly why I wrote all this stuff, because Garmin did not. Glad to hear it’s helpful!

      Your watch needs time to adjust to your new pace, I think that’s only solvable with a foot pod. I’ve gotten to know the paces a bit so I go by feel and the audio feedback in my headphones after the lap is done. It tells the average pace of my last interval and I’ll know if I should go faster or slower for the next one. Not ideal, but it works for me. Good luck!

      1. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I already got used to it but it was very annoying at start. It actually is an issue only at short intervals, with normal running you don’t need to know the pace every second.

  3. Great advice on here, thanks!
    I have a question. I am doing a 5k coach training programme and during some of the workouts there is a ‘optional run’ that I’d sometimes rather skip and go straight to warm down…any idea how to skip it?!

    1. Hi Clare! You can skip any part of the workout by pressing the lap button, it’ll move to the next part of the workout, in this case to the cooling down. On my FR645 it’s the bottom right button. And in your run settings the manual lap must be turned on.

  4. Hi,
    Interesting blog.

    Just a question. Does confidence level vary among the same colour? I’m having the same confidence image (same 3/4 green at the 3rd week) and I was expecting the confidence level to go / up down in the same colour. Any way to see a numeric number?

    Thx & BR,


    1. Thanks Gorka! Yes, the confidence level will move within each color, but there is no number. You can see the difference after each run a little better in the webversion of Connect, but over time you should see it in app as well.

  5. Great articles about Garmin coach, thank you for posting.
    I often run to and from work, and I wonder if it’s possible to do 2 workouts in a single day? If not possible to schedule them on the same day, what if I just do one workout on the same day after the other, scheduled workout is completed?

    1. Thanks Darko! It’s possible. You can’t schedule 2 workouts in 1 day, but you can select the workout for the first run in the normal way and then for the second run select your workout through the Coach widget or via the settings in the run activity. I’m not sure how this will effect the rest of the plan though as it’s not meant to be done this way. Good luck!

  6. Hiya! Thanks for the great info!
    I was wondering – will the confidence level go down if I don’t do the “optional” runs at the end?

    Thank you!

  7. Excellent article! Just curious about accuracy of pace. It seems the pace isn’t correct when I’m in the coach plan vs just doing a run. Is there a way to improve this? I also have the same issue when running on the treadmill and wondering if the foot pod will improve this? I do use the HrM strap along with the forerunner 645 and love the data.

    1. Thanks Gab! Pace accuracy will be trusted to the watch or pod you are using and is not affected by the coach plans. Be aware though that when doing a coach plan you are being shown your average pace of your current lap. Treadmill pacing on your watch will be a bit inaccurate as it can’t use gps. A foot pod is the best way to fix that.

  8. Nice article. Ran this morning starting with the training coach on my watch, as I always do. At the end of the run the coach asked me the typical question “How was your run?”, all seemed normal until I noticed that the run was not registering as apart of the training program. it just logged as a Move IQ Event. Your article suggests that there is no way to change this now, so how do I stop the coach for continuing to tell me I need to complete a run I already completed? Frustrating!

    1. Hi Whitney! It sounds like your watch did recognize it as a Coach workout. Have you tried forcing a new synchronization via Garmin Express/desktop or via your watch. If that doesn’t work, you can just delete the planned workout in the Garmin Coach tab. Select the workout, click on the 3 dots and select remove.

  9. You then set the parameters of your plan indicating, for example, which days of the week you are available to train. Even though the plan is adaptive it will not tell you to run on a day you ve said you can t run. The parameters can be changed part way through the coaching program eg your available days to train might change.


    hi I’m on 4 week of 10K with coach Jeff
    the pace he suggest me to run 8 x 800m is too fast for me having set a goal time of 50 min
    so I tried to modify the plan changing the goal time to 53 min
    But this change did not affect the pace time of the weekly workouts
    Have I to wait for next week to see the change of the pace time ?
    Or have I did some mistake?

    1. Hi! Yes, you’ll need to wait until next week for the paces to update. The current workouts are not being updated when you change the time goal. I think it’s a bug though as in the past it would update those workouts as well. Give the speed repeats a try this week. They seem daunting, but you might surprise yourself!

  11. Hi! Thanks for all the insight you provide on the Garmin coaches. Just finished my last training run this morning with coach Amy. Good times…

    I noticed that the actual race is on my Garmin calendar. On that day, will my watch ask me to “Do Workout” like my other training days? My worry is that if so and I select, “Do Workout”, my watch will count to the half marathon distance and then automatically stop the activity like the other training runs. Since the race distance often differs slightly to the GPS distance, I do NOT want this to happen. Just wanted to hear from you what the watch coach training plan behavior is on race day and what you did. Thanks!

    1. Hi! Glad your enjoying it! Yes, that’s exactly what will happen. I personally don’t use the Coach workout for races for that reason. Simply tell the watch no when it asks to do the workout (skip should be an option) and choose a regular run. That way you can also set up your own pace alerts if you want to. The training plan will still show as completed, so there really is no added value to doing the Coach workout on race day.

      Best of luck on your race and enjoy!!

  12. Hi and thanks for the useful information.
    I started a half marathon training with coach Greg last week. All is going good except the fact that I can’t choose a pace faster than 6 min/km. This doesn’t match my time goal so I’m basically following the training but doing it at a faster pace than the recommended.

    Am I doing something wrong here? Is there a way to fix this?



    1. Hi Lara! That doesn’t sound right, could be some miles vs km’s confusion. Have you tried changing your time goal through the webbrowser of Garmin Connect? That often works when the app doesn’t.

  13. Hiya, thanks for the article – I just started the plan and it answered loads of my questions!
    Just one more…. in your experience before starting the plan I was trying to follow the Garmin recommended “Rest Periods”. Do you know if the coach also considers the “rest Periods” and updates future runs accordingly?

    1. Hi Duncan! The Garmin Coach plan only looks at the workouts you do and at what pace. Heart rate, suggested rest periods, etc are not taken into account. If a session was extra hard and this is confirmed by a longer rest recommended rest period, just skip a training or reschedule it. Make sure you listen to your body, that’s more important as following the plan blind. Good luck!

  14. Thus is great info! Thanks so much. I have been loving the Garmin coach and training plan and have been using it towards a half marathon race in early May. However, the Corona virus has now resulted in a postponement of the race. As a result, my training plan will obviously be out of sync. I was hoping to just pause the plan, but based on your info it seems the plan will just end when the original race date passes. Are there any work arounds you know of? Thanks again!

    1. Hi Ryan! My plans have been interrupted as well. You could try pushing back your race date as time goes by, but depending on when your race has been postponed to you could also choose to cancel your current plan and go with a 10k plan for now. When it’s time to start training again, end the 10k plan and start a new HM plan.

  15. Hi there, I have a Garmin 245 and was wondering if there is a way to extend the warm up within the Garmin coaching plan. Currently, it is 2:00, but I would like to run a full mile before getting started. Without having to log two different runs, is there a way to do that?

    1. Hi Riannon! A 2 minute warm up is very short indeed. Which plan are you doing? My warm ups are usually longer, except for the benchmark run. You can only extend the warm up for specific runs where you need to press the lap button to continue.

  16. Hi! So glad I found this site, lots of great information! I just started a 10K plan, did my bench mark run yesterday and the next workout has me running 50 mins easy…I’m not really a beginner runner but getting back into it, I’ve only been running 1-2 miles a day the past few weeks. Is this normal? I’m around a 9:30-10min/mile and thinking that will be higher mileage to jump into right away?

    1. Hi Laura, it’s sounds like you set up a time goal for your plan. When you do that, the algorithm assumes you are already familiar with the distance. In my opinion it’s a flaw in the algorithm as it ignores the current average mileage that you put in. You should remove the time goal, it’ll give you a much slower build-up.

  17. Hi, thank you for your informative post! I am following the 5K program by Amy, which is working very well for me. There is just one point that really bugs me: twice already I have aced a run, but it gave me a ‘room to grow’. When looking at the lap data, you can see the data is messed up. It created an extra lap, one of which of 0:00,4 duration (?? less than half a second). The lap order is also strange. It displays from top to bottom as 2: run; 1: warm up (the made up micro lap), 3: cool down; then 4 –. Have you seen this before? And perhaps any ideas on how to fix this? It is messing with my training plan and confidence level. Thanks!

  18. Are you able to restart a training plan once you have quit out from it? I accidentally quit it and now cant find out to rejoin it

  19. Thanks for your response. I was hoping it would stay at the two mistakes. By now it has already happened 4 times (in exactly the same way), of which the last 3 times in a row. It makes the whole program kind of pointless unfortunately, so I’m going to quit it. That kinda sucks, because it was very helpful for me while it worked. At least it helped get me started though, so now I’ll just have to find something else that works 🙂

  20. Hi, I’m currently 3 workouts into coach Greg 5k plan with a target of 24min. All going well so far except I have a niggle with the average pace as it includes your warm up and cool down parts of the run. Ran the 15m tempo section at 5mpk but my run recorded an average of 6.20 which is a bit demoralising. Any way that the plan can not include the warm up and cool down in the data?

    1. You can skip any part of the workout by pushing the lap button, it’ll automatically go to the next part of your run. As far as I’ve been able to tell it won’t affect your confidence level, though you’ll probably get a video to tell you about the importance of warming up and cooling down properly.

  21. Thanks for the reply, so I’ll do a warm up in practise but wont activate the workout on my watch until it’s completed and immediately skip the warm and do the main part of the training and the skip the cool down on the watch but donut in practise?

    1. If you want your workout to be recorded, you should just not start the workout when you start your run activity on your watch. Then finish the run (warm-up) and start a new activity for your Coach workout.

  22. Great article thank you, it’s super helpful!
    I completed my first Time Trial yesterday but am slightly confused on when I should be pressing the lap button, and how many times. After the 3km warm up before going into the time trial, it said Other: Lap Button Press so I pressed my lap button (lower right on Vivoactive 4), and then again after the 1.6km trial was over and it said Workout Completed, even though I should have had another 1.6km cool down? Then instead of my watch vibrating at each KM, it would automatically after the next lap…. which then throw my splits and laps all off in Connect. Any advice please?! Thank you!!
    (And sorry for the long post)!

    1. Hi Charlotte!
      Glad it’s been helpful for you!
      You only press the lap button once, to start your time trial. In some workouts this appears so you can make sure you’re 100% ready to start with the next part. After the time trial it automatically moved on to the cooling down, no need to press the lap button. When you pressed the lap button for the second time your training moved to the next lap. As it was your final lap, your workout ended. For the last part, do you have autolap per 1K turned on? This can give you strange looking laps in Connect. I always turn it off when I’m doing Coach workouts.

  23. Why cannot we reschedule workouts that passed? I was supposed to run yesterday, but I want to do it today instead. I didn’t know until the last moment I will not make it yesterday and now I cannot do it at all despite having time. Can you introduce the possibility to reschedule workouts that passed within i.e. 1-2 days? This would prevent rescheduling workouts from weeks before but still allow flexibility in the schedule. Otherwise, I will just mark that I want to run every day to always have opportunity to do the training that is a bit missing the point. Thanks!

    1. Hi Justine! I’m just a user like you, so if you want to suggest changes to the software I recommend you contact Garmin directly. I do think it’s by design as they say the plan is adaptive and will update when you miss a run. If you keep on rescheduling there is a risk of overtraining. Setting all days as available run days won’t solve your problem as there is a maximum number of runs per week. You might still be able to find the workout in your watch if you go to run activity > settings > workouts. For the future, plan ahead if you need to reschedule.

  24. Great to hear. I made a long way around and just created myself a new workout and going to run it today anyway 🙂 I just need to remember to reschedule it a day before but sometimes life is life and well… Other things comes first 🙂 cheers!

  25. I was interested in a GymBoss, but I found a great app called “Seconds” which can be used to set up all kinds of interval training. You can use it for free, or pay one time to save your custom setups.

  26. Hi, I like the idea of this Garmin Coach and it is a great tool to improve the performance. Thanks for the information here above.
    However there are some issues with the app.
    For example it happened to me that if you do a training that was not planned for the day (by selecting it in the watch directly via workouts) it doesn’t appear in the workouts as completed but only in the activities. Lots of people complained about this but it seems Garmin isn’t doing anything for this.
    Also as mentioned here above, you can’t reschedule a past event. If you are a triathlete like me this is very frustrating because sometimes you just want to do a bike training instead and it’s not possible to have that missed running training back on.
    So basically you have to reschedule everything in advance (be careful with the mandatory rest day) if you want it to show properly.

  27. Nicola Wright

    Thanks for the article – helpful in clarifying some limitations! I run with friends occasionally, and am in the habit of pressing ‘lap’ when someone stops for a photo/drink etc. in a training run. That ‘obviously’ moves me on to cool down when i didnt mean to. Is there any way of restarting a workout when youve messed up?!

    1. Hi Nicola! When you mess up like this, like we all have, you can end the run. Make sure to choose discard and start a new activity. Normally your workout should show up again, if not go to settings > training > my workouts and find it there. Unfortunately there is no way to go to the previous lap.

  28. Cherry Purihin

    Hello, I completed a benchmark run.It was recorded as Benchmark run under the activities but not recorded as benchmark completed under the Garmin Coach. Do you happen to know any resolution on this? Thanks!

    1. You can try to reforce a synchronization, for example through Garmin Express on a computer. But in most cases the best option is to run it again. You might want to quit the plan and restart it again first, for some people that was the only solution.

  29. Hi,

    I’m trying to move the race day by one day…there isn’t actually a race…just me against myself. I missed a work out today and want to bump everything by a day, which I can do all training runs this week, but not the race day itself (I’m in the last week).

    1. Hi Nic, your race date is determined through the setup of the plan. You should be able to change it when you edit the plan: go to the Garmin Coach tab in your Connect app, choose the 3 dots menu, then edit.

      Good luck on race day!

  30. Hi, I did an easy run today. The description was 20 mins with an optional 10mins at the end if you were feeling good, but when I got to the end of the first section it went straight to the warm down and missed out the 10 mins. Do you know if any reason for this?

    1. Hi Ellen
      The only thing I can think of is that you accidentally pushed the lap button. That will move you to the next part of the workout, in this case the cooling down.

  31. I’m just popping in to say thanks for the article and the replies to all the questions! Every concern and query I’ve had has been answered in both sections. I really appreciate your time on this. Thank you

  32. Hi – I accidentally quit my half marathon plan during the garmin outage (I was playing about trying to get back in to it :(… ). I was on week 8.. is there any way to get this back?

  33. Hey there! Someone in my Facebook group shared this site with us so I came to take a look. I’m definitely loving the information. I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Outstanding blog and great design and style.

  34. Hi there,
    I’m working through a 10K pb training planning with Coach Amy.
    I’m on week 11 of a 17 week plan, and have noticed that my ‘goal pace repeats’ that are scheduled for next week are at a much slower pace than usual. I haven’t had any struggle with the plan, and manage to hit every target. The pace that they are set for are actually slower than the pace I would do in an easy run. Does this seem odd?

    1. Hi Laura, that does seem odd. Goal pace is goal pace and that never changed in the plans I did with Coach Greg. I haven’t progressed enough in Amy’s plan to judge it, but I really can’t imagine it’s right. I’m guessing it’s a bug in the plan and would go run my actual goal pace.

  35. Hi. I’ve just completed the McMillisn 5K program. It started out with fairly short easy runs and professed to longer easy runs, upping my weekly mileage to about 15 miles per week.
    If I sign up for another 5K plan, does the new plan continue where I left off as far as mileage, or does it start completely over with the short easy runs and less total weekly mileage.
    I assume that if I put in a new goal 5K pace that it will adjust my training paces, but I’m curious if the new plan takes into account what mileage I’ve been doing.

    1. Hi Roz! In my experience the first week always starts of a little slow. But since you are entering your current mileage and pace when you setup the plan, that information is taken into account for the build up of the plan. A time goal versus a completion goal also influences how quickly you’ll dive into the plan.

  36. I have just started using Garmin Coach and I’m a new Garmin user in general – would you be able to tell me how I can view my pace etc while doing the Garmin Coach runs? At the minute it just shows the distance countdown, I tried swiping across while running last time but it didn’t seem to change. Thanks!

    1. Hi Shannon! You should be able to move to different data screen by scrolling. If you have a touchscreen you swipe up or down and if you have buttons use the up and down buttons on the left side of the watch. Next step is adding or changing the data screens. This can be done in the run settings > data screens. Good luck!

  37. I started a 5k plan earlier this week but switched to the half marathon plan. Is it possible to use the data from my benchmark run earlier in the week for the new plan?

  38. Hi, I like to run with headphones in as music helps me focus. Do I need to be able to hear my watch if I’m using garmin coach?

    1. You don’t need it, but it can be helpful. Depending on your watch it can give you a short beeping countdown towards the next part of the workout. This is especially helpful when doing short speed intervals as it will let you get up to speed before it starts.

      Your watch can also give you short summaries after each lap (part of the workout), but that works well with headphones and music.

      There is no spoken feedback specific to Garmin Coach during the workouts.

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