Garmin Coach 5K Plan – Week 7

Week 7 of my Garmin Coach 5k training plan is certainly an interesting one. A new 5K record, a very intense goal pace training and my second skipped training since I started the plan. I’m not very happy with the missed training, but I feel it was the best decision and if I can run a new record during a bad week, imagine what I can do in a good week!

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Training 24 – Easy Run

As always the week starts with an easy run: 5 minute warm-up, 20 minute easy run, 10 minute optional easy run and a 5 minute cooling down. Since I’ve started paying attention to my cadence last week my easy pace has improved significantly. I ran the first 20 minutes at 8:16 min/km and the second 10 minutes at 7:35 min/km. When I started this training plan it was usually between 8:30 and 9:00 min/km, so that is a nice improvement. I also noticed that, like today, the second part of my training is usually faster as the first.

Training 25 – Goal Pace Repeats

Coach Greg has a plan, right? He knows what’s he’s doing, right? Today’s plan scares me. In between a 10 minute warm-up and cooling down I’m supposed to run 5 times 1K at goal pace followed by a 200 meter recovery. But that’s not all, after this I’m doing 3 times 200 meter at stride pace, which is about 30 sec/min faster as my goal pace. So, that’s 5,6K at a fast to very fast pace. I’m not sure if I’m up for this, but I decided to trust the plan.

After waking up with sore legs and a sleepy head I played with the thought of switching today’s run with tomorrow’s easy run. I’m not sure what made me decide against that, but I went for it. My watch was a bit buggy today and didn’t vibrate during any of the intervals, no indication that my interval was over or notifications that I was running too slow or too fast. This definitely made today’s workout a bit more difficult than it needed to be.

I ran the 1K’s at the following paces: 6:46, 7:04, 7:11, 7:45 and 7:31 (yes, I started too fast). The first two of the 200 meter strides I ran at 6:40 and 6:49 min/km, the third one I skipped. I simply couldn’t do it anymore. This run felt so hard and I was seriously regretting not switching the workout to tomorrow. My legs didn’t want to move at these paces at all and I felt I could’ve done better on a different day. While I was slowly going home and kicking myself for this run that felt so shitty I skipped my watch to the end of the workout. And there it was, a message I’ve been waiting for, no working for. New 5K record – 39:32! I had beaten my previous time by two minutes (!!) on shitty legs and with walkbreaks (!!!). This instantly put a smile back on my face and made me remember that I’m working towards a goal. I’m not there yet, but I will be!

Training 26 – Easy Run

Another easy run: 5 minute warmup, 20 minute easy run, 10 minute optional easy run and a 5 minute cooldown.The first part I rant at 8:27 min/km and the second part at 8:12 min/km.

Training 27 – Long Easy Run

Back for a long run and Coach Greg is extending my runs. The plan: 10 minute warm-up, 45 min easy run, 5 minute optional easy run and a 10 minute cooling down. This means the total will add up at 10 minutes longer as last week’s long run. What I actually ran: nothing. My legs have been feeling really heavy for several days now and I was feeling tired and a bit nauseous too.

I did add 2 hours of cycling and 90 minutes of swimming to this week’s workout routine. Maybe that was a bit too much at once and that’s why I’m feeling so tired? Even though I felt bad about skipping today’s training, I believe it’s okay to miss a training sometimes! Life happens and sometimes you just need to listen to your body. Mine said no today.


No movement at all in this week’s confidence level, but today’s skipped training is not taken into account yet as Coach Greg is optimistic I might still go out for my run. Sorry coach. I am really happy with my new record on the 5K and I’m confident more time will be taken off soon.

Next week I’m getting a second chance at this week’s goal pace repeats as the same workout is planned again. I guess the coach noticed I didn’t do so well, but I appreciate getting a retry. I’ll be sure to start slowly next week!

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