Garmin Coach 5K plan – Week 2

Week 2 of 12 of the Garmin Coach 5K plan has ended and that means it’s time for another weekly update. I’m still learning more about the possibilities of my VA3 watch and the training plan. And, I set a new record!

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Training 4 – Long Easy Run

Starting with a 10 minute warmup, followed by 30 minutes of easy running, an optional extra 15 minutes easy running and a 10 minute cooling down. It is worth noting it was about -6 °C with an even lower windchill and I was unfortunately (stupidly) not dressed appropriately. By the time I reached 6,5K I started to notice I could not really feel my legs anymore and I figured it was time to slowly go home.

Training 5 – Easy Run

Another easy run, 5 minute warmup, 20 minute easy run, optional 10 minute easy run and a 5 minute cooling down. The 20 + 10 minutes were done at an average of 8:52 vs 8:34 min/km.

Training 6 – Steady State Run

First a 10 minute warmup, then 10 + 5 minutes at a pace of around 7:30 min/km and a 10 minute cooling down. In the beginning I really had trouble keeping the pace as I did last week during the Goal Pace Repeats in training 2. I also felt as if my VA3 was not supporting me in the best way it could. It gives feedback on how fast you’re going and tells you if you’re going too slow or too fast, but this is based on average lap pace. Since I started my lap way too fast and it took a while before Garmin told me this, it was hard to adjust my pace correctly because my average pace was of course slowing down at lot slower then I was. By the time I got to the second lap I had the pace figured out. I ran the first lap with an average of 7:22 min/km and the second lap at 7:34 min/km

Also, I managed a new record on the mile: 11:52, 24 seconds faster as my last record which I only ran one week ago.

Training 7 – Long Easy Run

My second long easy run of the week due to me shifting some workouts around so that it fits my schedule a little better. This time there’s a 5 minute warmup followed by a 40 minute easy run, an optional 10 minute easy run and a 5 minutes cooling down.

Summary Week 2

I love the level of confidence that is given, it’s even increased since last week. According to Garmin the confidence colors are defined as follows:
– Purple: Extremely Confident. You’re exceeding plan expectations and may be capable of taking on a more challenging goal.
– Green: Confident. You’re right on track for meeting your goal. Keep up the good work!
– Orange: Somewhat Confident. You’re close to falling behind pace. Follow your plan closely to get on target.
– Red: Not Confident. You’re struggling with your current plan and may want to consider a different goal.

I’m not sure how the confidence level is determined as Garmin only says “Confidence is based on your plan performance to date as it relates to your race goal.” I assume missing trainings will affect the confidence level as well as not being able to hit the target paces during the interval trainings. I’m personally not feeling as confident as Coach Greg is, but if I reach the purple level twice in a row before week 6 I hereby vouch to adapt my time goal!

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