10K Training – Week 2

The second week of my 10K training was a little shorter due to Easter Monday and me moving my long run from Sunday to Monday. This meant that I also moved my Tuesday run to Wednesday and my Thursday run was moved to Friday. Aquapower and the Friday run have been cancelled. Even though I missed 2 workouts this week it felt good, right until my Sunday long run which unfortunately didn’t go as planned. 

I am currently on the lookout for new running shoes. I bought my pair of Saucony Omni 16’s in March of 2018 and I’ve ran around 650 km in them when I started noticing a new type of pain during my runs. It feels as if the cushioning is suddenly completely gone, each step I take slams me into the asphalt harder than ever before. It hurts my knees, the inner sides of my ankles and I think I may have picked up a case of plantar fasciitis in my left foot. As long as I haven’t found the time to visit the running store for a new analysis I’m trying to keep off the roads and on the trails as much as possible. 

10K Plan - Week 2

Training 5 – 5K easy + 1K fast

A new week and I’ve got some new workouts planned. It is now light outside when I leave for my run at 6:30 in the morning, which gives me more flexibility in my routes. But I do miss the sunrises! Today I’m running 5K easy and 1K at goal pace. I ran the easy part at 8:45 min/km and the final 1K at 6:55 min/km. 


Training 6 – Speed Workout

Today’s speed workout is similar to last week’s, but the intervals are longer and I was better prepared! While last week I had issues syncing the workout I had setup in Garmin Connect to my watch, this was no problem today. It’s so much easier running set intervals when your watch tells you exactly when your intervals start. 

The plan: five 1K intervals at goal pace (7:00-7:30 min/km) followed by 400m recovery, plus a warm-up and cooling-down. And that’s just what I did, I ran the intervals at 6:48, 7:02, 7:10, 7:00 and 6:45 min/km. I started a bit too fast again (that seems to be a recurring issue the last weeks), but corrected myself and was still able to finish with the fastest interval! This felt great. 

Training 7 – 6K easy

As I moved some of my trainings around this week, I decided to skip this training. I usually treat my Friday morning run as a fun run in which my only goal is running and enjoying it. Even though this is an important part of my routine, I decided this was the best workout to skip. 


Training 8 – 12,5K easy

This was supposed to be my longest run to date, but it went differently today. After about 2K I started noticing an annoying pain in my lower back. By then I was still hopeful the pain would magically disappear as I continued on my route. That didn’t happen. I spend the 3rd and 4th kilometer debating with myself whether I would finish my route, cut it short at 7,5 or 10K or completely abandon the run. I chose cutting it short at 7,5K, but ended up walking 3-3,5K as the pain in my back seemed to increase with each step I took. It was cold and windy, my shirt was already a bit wet due to sweating and I was simply not dressed for walking. This was no fun. I hope the pain goes away quickly and I can resume my training schedule! I’m not sure if this can also be related to my shoes wearing out, but it probably didn’t help. 



I’m not very happy as I was really looking forward to increasing my long runs. But this week didn’t go quite as planned: two workouts skipped due to planning issues and Easter and 1 workout cancelled mid-run. Better luck next week? 
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