10K Training – Week 1

This is my first week of training after last week’s 5K race and it didn’t go quite as planned. It was the first race I ever did and I gave it my all. Apparently some recovery time should be calculated in. Lesson learned. Below is this week’s part of my 3 week 10K plan as I had determined it the week before. 

Training 1 – 5K easy + 1K fast

Yeah, that didn’t happen. Monday evening when I was starting my aquapower session I was still a bit sore and a muscle in my right thigh was bugging me a bit so I took it a little easier. The next morning when I started my run, my warming-up already told me that nothing fast was happening that day. Excluding warming up and cooling down I ran for just 30 minutes at a very, very easy pace: 9:04 min/km. And it actually felt harder and faster. Oh well, let’s call that a recovery run. Does that count for 5K races? I’m counting it. 


Training 2 – Speed workout

I have been spoiled by Garmin Coach and Coach Greg planning my workouts and automatically sending them to my watch. I had created today’s workout already a few days earlier but hadn’t bothered to check if they synchronized correctly to my watch. Finding out it didn’t sync at 6:15 in the morning, almost ready to head out is not funny. I tried to solve it, couldn’t and then decided to wing it. I do not recommend this! If you have issues too, my solution was using Garmin Connect on my laptop, press the synchronize now button and then it’ll sync via Garmin Express. No clue though why this didn’t work via the Garmin Connect app on my phone. 

The plan was a 10 minute warming up and five 800 meter intervals at 7:00 min/km followed by 400 meter recoveries. After the fourth interval I convinced myself I lost count and was done with running fast intervals. During the next 400-600 meters I  had another discussion with myself in which it became clear to me that I was fooling myself. I compromised and did 350 meters at a faster pace. I was a bit all over the place, but I kinda managed: 7:00, 6:47, 7:06, 7:19 and a final 350 meter sprint at 6:19 min/km. 

I’m now convinced that for interval training I need my Garmin watch and it’s feedback on my workout! No point in arguing with Garmin! Another lesson learned. 

Training 3 – 5K easy

Today was going to be a fun run and that’s about the only thing this week that went according to plan. It’s so nice that it’s light out again and that I can run wherever I want in the woods behind my house. Today I decided to head into the mountainbike trails after a short warming up. Off the beaten path. I was amazed by a beautiful, colorful sunrise and the quietness of being in the woods at 7:00 in the morning, only interrupted by the birds who seemed to have noticed spring has started as well. I must’ve stopped about three or four times to take in my surroundings and take some pictures. Like I said, it was a fun run. I ran 5K, excluding my warming up and cooling down at an average pace of 8:45 min/km and it felt great.


Training 4 – 10,5K long easy

It’s currently warm where I live with temperatures rising up to 25°C, which is way too warm for me to be running outside. So, today I got up early and was out the door by 9:15 in the morning for my run. With about 17°C and a bright sun it was still a bit warmer than I like, but I made it work. A long easy run is the plan for today and that’s what I did. It was the first time I ran 10K since August last year and I knew before starting that I would run a new PR for this distance. My easy pace has decreased from 9:00-9:30 to 8:00-8:30 since than so this would be an easy PR! My fastest time last year was 1:31:36 and today I ran the 10K in 1:26:43. I took off 6 minutes in an easy pace! My goal of 70 minutes still seems far away, but I might manage it later this year. I am thinking of doing a 10K race at the end of June, which should be helpful. 



The week started hard with me needing a little more recovery time as I expected, but during the week I regained my fitness and I even managed a new PR on the 10K at the end of the week. I am satisfied! Only two weeks to go until I attempt 10K at a harder pace after which Florida awaits! Looking forward to it all. 

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